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Thank you SU staff and faculty who participated!

From the AJCU Newsletter Article:

Published Friday, March 3, 2023

The results of the 11th annual Go Move Challenge are in! Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge. We welcomed 3 new universities to the challenge (Seattle U, Gonzaga, and St. Louis U) which helped contribute to our overall minutes.  We accumulated over 250,000 more minutes this year than in 2022! Congratulations especially to the institutions who win bragging rights for the following:

  • Most Minutes: Santa Clara University for earning the most minutes, 589,072 minutes of physical activity and the overall winner for the 5th year in a row.
  • Average of Most Minutes: Saint Peter's University for earning the highest average number of minutes, 1545, per participant. A huge congrats for this first time winner in this category!
  • Regional Average Minutes Per Person
    • East Coast - St. Peter's University
    • Mid-West - University of Detroit Mercy
    • West Coast - Santa Clara University
    • South - n/a

Weekly Recaps and More!

Go Move Challenge Final Recap 2023

The 11th Annual Go Move Challenge starts on Feb. 1, 2023.

Join your colleagues on the Go Move Challenge to compete with other Jesuit Universities across the country for the trophy!

Human Resources is excited to announce Seattle University's participation in the 11th annual Go Move Challenge from February 1st to 28th! To register for the Go Move Challenge, please visit https://gomovechallenge.org, and click the yellow “Log In/Register” button at the top of the page. 

Throughout February, faculty, and staff record their minutes of intentional physical activity that gets their heart pumping to determine which Jesuit institution is the most active. Although “physical activity” can mean different things to different people, to stay consistent, we are defining physical activity as “planned, structured, and repetitive bodily movement done to improve or maintain one or more components of physical fitness.”

At the heart of this friendly competition is an opportunity to connect with your colleagues, bond with other AJCU schools, and start the year off right by moving in February, one of the coldest months of the year.

Got Questions? Check out the Go Move FAQs page. 


  • The university that tracks the highest number of minutes wins the trophy for the year!
  • The university that averages the most number of minutes per participant
  • The region (i.e. group of universities by location) with the most minutes


  • Starts: 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, February 1, 2023
  • Ends: 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, February, 28, 2023
  • Eligible participants: all full-time and part-time faculty and staff from any Jesuit university that has registered in advance
  • Each participant must create a new account using their valid university email address on GoMoveChallenge.org, even if they participated last year
  • Each participant must record their own minutes on the challenge website; no one can enter minutes for another participant
  • There is no limit to how often minutes can be recorded


  • Starting February 1, visit GoMoveChallenge.org
  • Click the “LOG IN / REGISTER” button on the top menu bar
  • In the “LOG IN” box, enter your email address and password
  • In the “LOG MY WORKOUT” box, select the type of activity, add an activity description, enter the number of minutes, and select a single date or date range for logging multiple days
  • Click the “LOG IT” button when finished
  • Minutes will not be accepted after the challenge ends
  • Users can delete minutes that were entered in error