Facilities Services creates and sustains environments that support the needs of our campus community.

What we do

Facilities Services plans, maintains and constructs the physical assets of the Seattle University Campus.

Facilities Services consists of:

  • Planning and Real Estate
  • Design + Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Grounds and Landscaping
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Transportation and Parking
  • Event Sales

Urgent Work Request

Please call the Facilities at 206-296-6996 if there is an emergency need on campus, such as an electrical outage, plumbing issue or a leak.

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Facilities Services

Transportation and Parking

We manage permits for students, faculty and staff for parking on campus lots and garages. We also provide visitor parking passes and discounted Orca cards.

Planning and Real Estate

We help the University comprehensively study, evaluate, define and prioritize capital projects and options.

Building Services and Grounds

We provide custodial and general maintenance in our residence halls, recycling and waste collection, grounds and landscaping services and oversight of our contracted partner HES Facilities Services, who cleans our academic buildings.

Event Sales

By booking your next program at Seattle University, you will receive a dedicated event coordinator to assist with nearly all event logistics, intuitively designed event technology systems, efficient parking arrangements, and so much more – all at affordable rates. 

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