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Robert Cornwell, PhD, PE

Professor Emeritus


Curriculum Vitae


Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Cornwell's interests involve the application of analytic methods to the design of mechanical systems. Since joining the faculty as Chair in 2001, Dr. Cornwell has been involved in the development of the program and the teaching machine design, mechanics and numerical methods courses.



Dr. Cornwell received a BS in Civil Engineering and a MS in Engineering from the University of Texas-Austin. He received a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dissertation research involved the development and implementation of a thermodynamically consistent constitutive model of polymeric materials. Prior to receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Cornwell was employed by Exxon Production Research Company where he participated in the development of optimization and reliability methods for offshore structures. Upon completing his Ph.D., Dr. Cornwell became a Principal Engineer at the Boeing Company where he contributed to the development of analytical methods for both composite and metallic airframe structures. He also served as Chair of the Technical Team of the National Airport Pavement Test Program.