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Jerome Veith, PhD

Senior Adjunct Professor, Philosophy and Psychology


Jerome Veith CV

Jerome Veith has been teaching at Seattle University since 2012. In addition to teaching undergraduate courses in both the Philosophy and Psychology departments, he teaches in the Core, the Honors Program, and the Master of Arts Program in Psychology. Having taught full-time for ten years, he now divides his time between part-time teaching and part-time work as a therapist at a group practice. He is also a Faculty Ambassador to Cura Psychologia, an interdisciplinary project with the aim of “cultivating a more virtuous psychological science.”

Some major themes across Veith’s courses and publications are historical situatedness, the politics of affect and memory, and the interpretive nature of social science.


Veith is the author of Gadamer and the Transmission of History (Indiana University Press, 2015), and the translator of the Heidegger Reader (Indiana University Press, 2009) as well as Günter Figal’s Aesthetics as Phenomenology (Indiana University Press, 2015).