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David Joseph Leigh, SJ, PhD

Professor Emeritus, English


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Teaching and Research Interests

Although I began my teaching with courses in British Literature from the Renaissance through the Victorians (1600-1900), I have branched out in my research from early articles on Vergil, medieval drama, Donne, Swift, and the romantics, to more recent studies of autobiography and religious themes in modern fiction. I have been influenced by old historical and new formalist teachers like Cleanth Brooks and Maynard Mack, as well as mavericks like Harold Bloom and Geoffrey Hartmann. I am also greatly interested in the relationships of literature, philosophy, and theology, as can ben seen in my book on ModernSpiritual Autobiography. I enjoy teaching both introductory courses and upper-division courses in autobiography, apocalyptic patters in literature, writing non-fiction essays, and senior synthesis. I hope to teach courses that will build on intertextual patters in literature, as well as a course in Catholic themes in modern fiction. My book, Apocalyptic Patterns in Twentieth Century Fiction will be published in the Fall of 2008.


BA, Gonzaga University (Classics)

MA, Gonzaga University (English)

MA, Regis College, Toronto (Theology)

PhD, Yale University (English)