Study Programs

Seattle University offers several study programs aimed at developing a career that advances sustainability:

BS in Civil Engineering with Environmental Specialty 

The civil engineering program provides a strong foundation in mathematics, basic and engineering sciences, the humanities and social sciences. The environmental specialty gives prepares you for a career in developing technical solutions to environmental challenges. Learn more.

Environmental Engineering Minor  

This minor is open to students not majoring in Civil Engineering. Learn more.

BS in Environmental Science 

The environmental science degree offers a broad background in the basic and applied sciences. The major is partially self-designed, allowing you to take additional upper division courses in the areas that suit your interests. One learning objective is to comprehensively understand significant environmental issues impacting global society. Learn more.

Environmental Science Minor

This minor is open to students not majoring in Environmental Science. Learn more.

BS in Marine and Conservation Biology

The bachelor of science (BS) major in marine and conservation biology allows students to develop an appreciation for the marine environments and ecology and conservation efforts. The curriculum includes several course options in biodiversity, organismal biology, physiology, and ecosystems and encourages participation in related research projects. Learn more.

BA in Environmental Studies 

The Environmental Studies Program prepares you for a career in environmental education, urban planning, environmental journalism, natural resource management, park management, ecological restoration, sustainable agriculture, corporate sustainability, and environmental consulting. You can choose a specialization in Ecological Systems; Politics, Policy, and Justice; Urban Sustainability; and Environmental Education and Communication.  Learn more.

Environmental Studies Minor

This minor is open to students not majoring in Environmental Studies. Learn more

Sustainability and Sustainable Business Certificate 

The Sustainable Business Certificate will prepare you to lead firms to achieve acceptable profitability, while reducing their environmental footprints and assuring ongoing contributions to their communities. There are options to pursue focused sustainability issues in marketing, operations, business law, and business strategy.  Learn more.

Certificate in Sport Sustainability Leadership 

Apart of the Master of Sport Administration and Leadership program (MSAL), the CSSL curriculum focuses on the environmental aspects of sustainability that affect all aspects of a sport organization, including facility operations, finance, marketing, sponsorship, team operations, supply chain, and legal issues. This 15-credit, online certificate can be completed in nine months and addresses the growing demand for increasing environmentally and ecologically sustainable practices in the sport industry. Learn more. 

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