You can access all of the clubs on campus on CONNECT SU. It's an online platform that will help you find the right club for you.  Find the club that you're interested in an join! It's as simple as that.  

Below are some of the environmental justice and sustainability focused-clubs on campus.

Food with Spirit

  • Food with Spirit is a student club where members focus on food insecurity issues and grow produce in community gardens at SU. This project began in 2012 and is ongoing. The produce is donated to lunch programs in the area such as Community Lunch at Central Lutheran Church, St James Cathedral Kitchen and Chief Seattle Club.
  • Contact FWS at and visit their Facebook page here

Engineers for a Sustainable World

  • ESW strives to implement environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training responsible engineering students and professionals. They believe that the key to project sustainability is a strong partnership with the local community. They partner with Chiang Mai University, Professionals Without Borders, University of Technology Jamaica, World Water Partners and a host of other non-profits and NGOs.
  • Contact for more information and visit their website here


Sustainable Student Action

  • Sustainable Student Action is a Seattle University club that strives to educate the community on environmental issues and to work on projects that lead to a more sustainable future.
  • Contact SSA at and visit their Facebook page here



Just Serve

  • Just Serve is a student run club affiliated with the Center for Community Engagement that provides students the opportunity to engage in the community, whether with environmental, social, or other local organizations, even if it is just for a single shift. This organization is perfect for those who wish to engage in the community, but have limited time to do so by providing facilitated dialogue paired with a meaningful one-time service opportunity.  
  • Contact Just Serve at

Professionals Without Borders

  • PWOB's mission is to empower students to serve and lead sustainable service projects that help people in need. This year's PWOB projects include 
    • Completion of infrastructure project at the orphanage Casa Padre Wasson in Jinotepe, Nicaragua.
    • Assist with the creation of transitional housing and acoustical art installation at Liberty Children's Home in Belize.
    • Various infrastructure improvements in Zambia.
  • PWOB provides Seattle University students the opportunity to put their liberal arts education to use and help people in need.
  • Contact PWOB at

Rotaract Club

  • Rotaract is a fun way to get involved on campus and in the community. It is more than just a club on campus, it provides you with a great network of people throughout Seattle and all over the world. Many great opportunities and experiences come from being a part of Rotaract, like mentoring events, internships, jobs, and international service opportunities.
  • Contact Roteract at

Green Team

  • Green Team is a student group focused on peer-to-peer sustainability education. Green Team helps current and incoming students and community members navigate the process of composting and recycling, assist in putting on events throught the year, and help to spread the word about how to live green!
  • Contact Green Team at



  • Club de Esperanza is all about developing global citizens out of our Seattle University community through the process of home-building in partnership with the organization Fundación Esperanza de México located in Tijuana Mexico.
  • Contact Esperanza at




The Gender Justice Center

  • Mission
    • Promote, empower and cater to the needs of trans people, gender non-conforming, and women -- especially people of color. The center creates community through group healings, professional development, and transformational leadership through partnerships
  • Vision
    • Using language to shatter conforming heteronormative ideologies; fostering the climate of inclusion for all groups by centering marginalized peoples and building a community for sustainable change.
  • Contact the Gender Justice Center at


 Vegan Society

  • We are delighted to share information about a vegan diet (which excludes all animal products) and celebrate nature’s abundant offerings with creatively-prepared, delicious vegan dishes. Each month, we’ll be creating a culinary showcase together and savoring the flavors of different regions around the globe together with fellow diners. All are welcome to participate, whether you’re simply curious or fully embrace veganism.
  • Contact the Vegan Society at

Global Student Embassy

  • Global Student Embassy’s mission is to develop community leaders through action oriented environmental education. Every Spring Break, the SU chapter of GSE travels to a developing community to pursue cultural exchange while working with local environmentalists on local projects. This year, GSE will be traveling to the Ecuador to help with sustainable projects focused on: reforestation, recycling, water scarcity, organic agriculture, climate change, and the effects these issues have on the local community. For more information about the club and this year's trip, visit their website.
  • Contact GSE at



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