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Below are some of the environmental justice and sustainability-focused clubs on campus.

Access to Justice Institute

  • As a home for pro bono, public interest, and social justice activities, the Access to Justice Institute (ATJI) prepares students for a lifetime in law in furtherance of social justice.
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American Indian Law Journal

  • The American Indian Law Journal (AILJ) is an academic collaboration among students, faculty, and practitioners and is designed to fill a critical gap in the amount of current scholarship available to those interested in the rapidly developing field of Indian law. Indian law concerns a wide range of legal issues, including tax, property, contracts, gaming, and environmental law and implicates a myriad of social justice concerns, including civil rights violations, protection of cultural resources, religious freedom, the loss of land and natural resources, and the regulation of environmental quality. Despite these numerous issues, there are only two dedicated Indian law journals in North America. AILJ provides students with a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with some of the most distinguished Indian law practitioners and faculty members in the country.
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Asians & Pacific Islanders for Equity & Critical Engagement

  • APIECE aims to bring together Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans at Seattle University to build anti-oppression analysis and organize for equity and justice. What issues must we address in our communities, such as colorism and anti-blackness? What is our duty in racial justice movements for Indigenous decolonization, Black Lives Matter & Latinx communities?
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Asian Pacific Islander Law Students Association

  • APILSA's mission is to promote social justice, civic responsibility and professional legal skills through a dynamic, supportive network for both Asian Pacific Islander students and students who have an interest in issues that impact the API community. APILSA's activities include a professional mentoring program and volunteer opportunities with local non-profit organizations.
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Club Cycling

  • The Seattle University Cycling Club began in 2011 and has grown into a community of bike riders and cyclists, welcoming to all types of riding and all skill levels. We take part in casual riding and racing throughout the school year. SUCC is founded on a common love of bikes and enjoying time spent on two wheels.
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Criminal Justice Club

  • The Criminal Justice Club at Seattle University is a group of students interested in and dedicated to the criminal justice process, system, workings, and issues. Through engaging with faculty and the community and each other, students can learn about the system nation wide, and especially here in Seattle. The club offers multiple avenues into the professional world through tours, meet and greets, brown bag lunches, speakers, networking events and more. The club also offers social events to get to know your other club members. These include study break movie nights (often with crime drama movies) around finals each quarter and our annual silent auction. 
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Food With Spirit

  • Food With Spirit is a Seattle University group intended to foster an inclusive community of individuals passionate about urban agriculture and food justice. Food with Spirit aims to promote healthier and more sustainable consumer choices by reframing agriculture on a local scale to help students be more conscious of their purchasing power and empowering students to grow some of their own food. Every two weeks, we gather for communal dinners which consist of food grown on campus and locally sourced ingredients. We grow and harvest seasonal food crops for local food banks, host garden parties to help maintain the Chardin, Broadway, and Yobi on-campus community gardens, and organize environmentally focused events.
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Fashion Club fashion club logo

  • Fashion Club is dedicated to self expression and sustainable fashion. It is comprised of a collaborative community of students generating professional practice in the fashion and entertainment production industries through the creation of an annual runway event, photo shoots, marketing, style origination, and much more! 
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Future Prosecutors for Social Justice

  • The objectives of the Association are to advance the art of passionate representation of victims and social justice prosecution; to encourage legal education and professional development; to provide and promote fellowship and support for social justice-minded prosecutors; to increase camaraderie and networking among prosecutors and defense attorneys; to encourage the recruitment, retention, and promotion of social justice prosecutors within city, county, state, and federal offices; and to uphold the honor and dignity of the bar. Please contact us if you are interested in our events or if you are looking for a law student for research or internship positions.
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Engineers for a Sustainable World

  • Engineers for a Sustainable World offers engineering, science, and ALL interested students the opportunity to collaborate on sustainable design projects in the local community and abroad. In addition to working on student-initiated projects, we also have guest speakers and go to events as a group to learn more about sustainable initiatives in Seattle and all around the world.
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Environmental Law Society

  • ELS is an organization dedicated to promoting earth justice and environmental protection through the practice of law. The primary goal of the ELS is to promote environmental awareness and activism, with a focus on achieving sustainability and environmental justice at SU and in the greater legal community, by bringing speakers on campus for informal as well as formal forums and providing activities outside the Law School that will give students and professionals a chance to interact in a more relaxed atmosphere.
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EcoSangha Zen Community1.53x1.53 inches in powerpoint

  • To be a Buddhist is to be both an ecologist and a conservationist. This is the vision EcoSangha strives to promote. It is a vision modeled on the Buddha as the Great Physician who is called to the service of those in pain and suffering, who scientifically investigates the nature of and prognosis for an ailment and then compassionately effects a cure. The progression from symptom to cure is presented by the Buddha in his fundamental teaching of the Four Noble Truths: symptom, diagnosis, prognosis and cure.
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Gideon's Army: Future Public Defenders

  • Gideon’s Army is a student organization that seeks to cultivate interest in criminal defense work, more specifically public defense. We believe in social and racial justice and dignity of the clients we wish to serve in the Seattle community. Our goal is to facilitate a conversation about how the criminal justice system affects indigent and marginalized clients. We wish to facilitate interest and access to issues concerning public defense and foster a sense of community service amongst students for the indigent community of Seattle through community engagement, networking opportunities, and education.
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Green Team

  • The Seattle University Green Team is a peer-oriented sustainability education group created by students. Green Team focuses on waste management at university and athletic events and provides a space for new sustainability initiatives to receive support.
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The Gender Justice Center 

  • The Gender Justice Center is a student-led organization that provides social support and resources for women, trans folks, and gender-queer students, especially students of color, on SU’s campus. As a center we are focused on creating a space where anyone can come to learn about current issues/ways to resist and to receive support without facing judgment for not knowing. We seek to strengthen the community through providing a liberating space where folks can grow and make mistakes without judgment. We value collaboration, open-mindedness, love, dignity, and transformative justice. 
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  • Student organization that works to promote social justice and higher education. M.E.Ch.A also works to educate and serve the surrounding community through community service, cultural and social events, and educational workshops.
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Rotaract Club

  • The Seattle University Rotaract Club is a great way to not only do service and create change in the community, but to make connections with other  like-minded students and business leaders. As part of District 5030, we have connections with Rotary and Rotaract clubs all throughout Seattle.
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Students for Disability Justice

  • Students for Disability Justice (SDJ) is a Seattle U club that works to build community for students with disabilities and their allies. SDJ meets every other week to create a space for supporting and listening to one another as well as discussing issues of accessibility on campus and in society. SDJ’s goal is to instill a sense of unity and support on Seattle University's campus among individuals with disabilities and their allies. We aim to educate faculty, staff and students about the existence of both visible and invisible disabilities, the diverse experiences of people with disabilities, and the crucial intersections with other identities that shape the disabled community. Finally, SDJ intends to advocate for and with students with physical, mental, medical and learning disabilities to create a more accessible and inclusive campus and learning environment.
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Sustainable Student Action 

  • We are an environmental justice group that engages in political education, student organizing, direct action, and solidarity efforts. Our framework for understanding and addressing the complicated issue of climate change includes analyses of the science behind greenhouse gas emissions, the interplay of environmental racism and ecological degradation, economic systems that contribute to climate change, and is rooted in democratic rather than hierarchical leadership development. We led the campaign to divest the University's endowment from fossil fuels for the past six years and finally succeeded at achieving divestment, although it's only partial. We are now working on finding a new focus for SSA. We always welcome new members no matter what your major or experience with student activism, come through and join the movement for environmental justice! 

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Serve Local

  • Here at the Center for Community Engagement, we believe that sustained service is the best way for our communities - Seattle University and the broader neighborhood - to grow and change together. Relationships take time to build and social change requires patience, listening and learning, and deep partnership. If you are interested in making a sustained commitment to service, you have come to the right place. Explore all volunteer opportunities here. (When you create an account, be sure to use your SU username and password). Explore Seattle University Youth Initiative (SUYI) opportunities here

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Vegans and Allies for Sustainable Eating (VASE)

  • Welcome to Seattle University's Vegans and Allies for Sustainable Eating (VASE)! Our mission is to celebrate nature's abundance by creating awareness for the environmental and physical health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle free of all animal products. Each month, our club prepares creative and delicious dishes showcasing the flavors of different regions around the globe. Whether you are a fully transitioned vegan in all areas or an openminded omnivore, you are welcome and loved here! 
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