Albers is no longer accepting new students in this program.

Effect Economic Change on a Global Scale

Learn how you can effect change on a global scale with the Albers School of Business and Economics’ specialization in International Economic Development (IED). Complement your studies with extensive coursework in development economics as you work closely with faculty who are experts in the field. In this program, you will study economic behavior in developing countries, the role of developing countries in the global economy, and how economics can contribute to successful policies and interventions. The program will strengthen your skills as an economist seeking to serve society. 

Supplemental Activities

As a core aspect of the IED Specialization, you’ll apply your knowledge beyond the classroom with relevant, real-world experience. In addition to completing the program requirements of the International Economic Development Specialization, students must participate in one of the following supplemental activities:

International Economic Development: A World-Changing Career Opportunity

Graduating with a BAE and a specialization in International Economic Development is a pathway to working in a variety of fields, including:

Economic Development NGOs Public Policy International Business Law
Health Consulting Finance Market Research Data Analytics