Erik Lee

Job Title: Managing Partner
Company: TokuSaku (TS) Solutions
Industry: Consulting
Mentor Since: Fall 2017
Will Mentor: Graduate Students, Early Career MBA
Mentor Type: Albers


Job Description

Representing and running TokuSaku Solutions; engaged in all aspects of client, resource, and business management.

Company Description

TS Solutions a.k.a. TokuSaku Solutions, is a minority owned consulting firm for business, education and government organizations in the Pacific-Northwest. We focus on the right mix of people, processes, and systems to provide technology professionals and solutions that address the business and IT concerns of our clients. We do not provide “people in seats”, but professionals who work to understand our client’s business needs and deliver solutions that help achieve their goals. We can provide single, team, managed service or system integration specialists who will help your organization realize success. TS Solutions is a sister company of TokuSaku Consulting.

Employment History

8 years of Big 4 Consulting (Accenture and Bearing Point); 8 years of Independent/Small Business Consulting Ownership; Cofounder of startup


B.S in Biological Systems Engineering from University of California at Davis; M.S. in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.B.A from University of Cambridge (England)

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

As a mentor, I would like to share my experiences and try to help students understand the opportunities and pitfalls to keep an eye out for in their careers. I'm a good listener, open to any discussion topics, and will offer advice if desired.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

A mixture of in-person and virtual

Additional Information

I'm not your typical Type A consultant, but I'm a straight shooter who will be open and frank with his advice. I'll say it nicely and in a helpful manner, but I'll be honest with my thoughts and opinions. I prefer discussions over coffee or other libations.