David Hill

Job Title: President and Managing Director
Company: Sonata Capital Group
Industry: Finance/Investments
Mentor Since: Fall 2006
Will Mentor: Graduate Students, Early Career MBA
Mentor Type: Albers


Job Description


Company Description

Registered Investment Advisor

Employment History

Sonata Capital Group 2001 - present SAFECO Corporation 1973 - 2001 Rainier Bancorp 1971 - 2001


BA Finance University of Washington

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

What Students Can Expect From Me: First of all, I consider it an honor to be participating in this program. I have also been fortunate to have an interesting and enjoyable career. Hopefully my background and career experience can be of some help to the students that I work with. Over the years I have found that each and every student that I have been fortunate to work with has had different needs, wants and expectations for the program. As such, my approach to mentoring is fairly unstructured. I like to listen and get to know the student then move our sessions into the direction that will be most beneficial to the student. I have found that after an initial group meeting with the student, we generally move into more personal one on one meeting that we conduct over coffee or lunch whatever is most convenient for the student. Preferred Discussion Topics & Activities: I pretty much leave this up to the student and try to accommodate their specific interests. Objectives: The greatest satisfaction that I get out this program is having the student feel like the program was helpful and in some small way made a difference in their life.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

A mixture of in-person and virtual