Ben Kim, PhD

Professor Ben Kim received his PhD, MBA, and BA from the University of Minnesota, University of Washington, and Seoul National University, respectively. Professor Kim’s teaching and research areas include corporate data management, data mining, e-business, and global business management. He has published articles in the International Journal of E-Business Research, the Journal of Systems Management, the Journal of Database Management, Expert Systems with Applications, Management Decision, Logistics Information Management, and many others, as well as numerous conference proceedings. Professor Kim has several chapters published in books such as Successful Software Reengineering, High-Performance Web Databases, and Data Management Handbook. He has conducted seminars and taught executive programs on corporate information systems and strategies for government agencies and businesses of the United States, Korea, Japan, and Europe. He held a position of Research Fellow at J.D. Edwards in Denver, Colorado. At Seattle University, he is a tenured full professor and was a recipient of Genevieve Albers Professorship. Internationally, Professor Kim is a Fellow of the Japan Society of Information and Management and also holds a visiting professorship at Heilbronn University of Germany.