Learn from the Best & Expand your Network

The sport industry is all about connections, and our MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management (MBA SEM) Mentor Program is designed to create a bridge between our students and the professionals driving the business of sport today.
MBA SEM Mentor Program provides access to the knowledge and experience of sport industry professionals and helps students authentically grow their network.

The Dynamics of our MBA SEM Mentorship Program

In the mentorship program, students are paired with sport industry professionals and meet every 4-6 weeks developing a personal one-on-one mentoring relationship through meaningful conversations that provide invaluable career guidance, suggestions for the recruiting and interviewing process, and professional insight into business issues. 
Our program offers opportunities to connect in person or virtually.

Why Become an MBA SEM Mentor?

Mentors are champions at shaping future leaders!
Being a Mentor is a rewarding experience that provides opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills.

Mentors play a key role in the learning and development of our sport management students; they offer participants guidance to develop sport management and business skills and assist in shaping the student's career path.

What makes are our Mentors special:

  • Seven+ years of professional experience in the sport/entertainment industry.
  • Eager to share their career experience.
  • Excited to help shape the next generation of Sport Industry Leaders.
  • Vast sport/entertainment business network.
  • Commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in sport.

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor?
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Learn from the Best & Expand your Network






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