Accounting Mentor List

Tyler Christopher

Job Title: Audit Senior
Company: Deloitte
Industry: Public Accounting
Mentor Since: 2019


Job Description

Our professionals provide independent financial statement and internal control audits, in accordance with the latest professional standards and with a focus on quality. Audits and reviews are planned to assess and identify possible risk—whether the risk of a material misstatement or a risk in internal controls. Our professionals work closely with our clients to encourage two-way communication and to minimize surprises.

Company Description

The Seattle office of Deloitte is one of the largest of the Big Four professional service organizations in the State of Washington, employing nearly 800 professionals. The office serves nine of the ten largest companies and the major industries in the region, and also provides a dedicated practice for emerging growth and mid-market companies.

Employment History

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Seattle University - Accounting and Management Major

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Public accounting, recruiting, CPA questions, and work/life balance.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Currently, I would prefer to hold meetings virtually.