Descriptions and Guidelines

Two types of scholarships available to award to select MAP candidates.

Marylou Wyse Award

This is a limited need-based scholarship awarded by Seattle University to new students admitted to selected graduate programs for up to two years.

  • Students must complete a FAFSA form to be eligible.
  • Recipients receive up to $2,400 per academic year for a total of eight quarters if you remain in good standing.
  • Total scholarship dollars cannot exceed $4,800
  • The scholarship requires continuous enrollment taking at least three credits per term, and a minimum of 12 credits per academic year to remain eligible for renewal of the graduate award.
  • Awarded through the Graduate Admissions Office. Filling out a separate application is not needed, i.e. prospective students in the program are automatically considered for this scholarship as long as they have filled out a FAFSA form.

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MAP Scholarship

The MAP Scholarship is a yearly, renewable award given to some incoming and current students who demonstrate financial need, strong program fit, and evidence of working with or an interest in working the underserved or marginalized groups. No separate application is necessary. Recipients receive approximately $2,500 per academic year, for two years, if they remain in good academic standing in the program.

Minimum Requirements

The MAP scholarship requires the student complete 12 credit hours minimum per year.  Funds are distributed equally across academic quarters with the option of using a summer quarter as one of the quarters.

Selection Criteria and Selection

The MAP scholarship is based on financial need demonstrated through FAFSA scores and the ordinary admissions process. Weight is given to strength of fit with program and evidence of working with or interest in working with the underserved and marginalized groups such as homeless individuals, sexual minorities, multicultural families, refugees, and women with children recovering from domestic violence. 

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Award Notification Process

Applicants who are awarded either a Wyse Award or MAP Scholarship are generally notified at the time of their acceptance into the program. All notices of financial aid, scholarships and awards are given by the Office of Graduate Admissions.