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Karen Halsey, MA

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MA, Existential Phenomenological Psychology

Adjunct Faculty, Psychology

Phone: 206-296-5400

Building/Room: HRDG 140


Karen Halsey is a licensed mental health counselor who teaches introductory and advanced courses in Therapeutic Listening Skills in the Master of Arts in Psychology program. She has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1997 and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Approved Supervisor for the state of Washington since 2003. Her professional background includes work in developmental psychology and special education research at the University of Washington. Karen is also a visual artist whose photographic work has appeared in exhibitions, publications, and public art installations.

Teaching and Special Interests: Fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where my students can reveal themselves to each other – to hear and be heard, see and be seen -- is my most fundamental and rewarding duty. I am continually in awe of the transformative moments I have witnessed when the gift of true presence has been given and received. My areas of special interest include Experiential Learning, Focusing and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy (Gendlin), and Creativity and Wellbeing. I am currently developing a practice concept incorporating elements of case consultation and guided self-care for experienced clinicians.

I believe that the process of dismantling systemic oppression and advancing equity begins with being responsive to, and accountable for, my own personal internalizations of white cisgender supremacy and its effects on others. I strive to deepen awareness of my own internalizations, how they affect those around me, and the ways in which I can grow in support of more equitable and compassionate relationships.