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Claire Steele LeBeau, PhD

PhD, Clinical Psychology

Associate Professor, Psychology

Phone: 206-296-5392

Building/Room: HRDG 140C

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Dr. Claire LeBeau is an associate professor who teaches undergraduate courses in Writing for Research in Psychology, Growth and Development and Existential-Phenomenological Psychology while also teaching foundation courses in the Masters of Arts in Psychology (MAP) program. Her scholarly interests and areas of research include Existential-Phenomenology, Humanistic Psychology, the Interpersonal Origins of Ethics, Gendlin's Focusing Technique Applied to Therapy & Research, Developmental Psychology, and specifically, the developmental transition of new parenthood. She is currently conducting longitudinal, qualitative research on the experience of vulnerability for first-time parents couples.

Teaching and Research Interests

Ethics and Phenomenology, Therapeutic Communication, Developmental Psychology.   Research  interests have focused on Existential-Phenomenology, Humanism, Levinasian Ethics, Gendlin's Focusing Therapy, Developmental Psychology, and early parent life transitions.

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