Students majoring in Kinesiology (KINE) complete courses from a variety of disciplines to explore how the human body functions during physical activity and exercise. Your academic advisor will work with you to develop an educational plan that integrates all of the curriculum initiatives. 

Students have KINE elective options that will enhance their academic experience and better prepare them for graduate school and to work as industry professionals. Other coursework may be approved on an individual basis by the department, so please consult with your academic advisor for more information. 

Kinesiology Major Requirements

Required Kinesiology Courses

Kinesiology Electives

Kinesiology with Honors

Please visit our Kinesiology with Departmental Honors for more information about the program. 

Learning Outcomes

Kinesiology students should be able to:

  • Synthesize and critically evaluate scientific literature to apply evidence-based knowledge and practice across multiple disciplines, as it pertains to human movement, function, and performance.
  • Effectively communicate, in written and oral formats, kinesiology concepts to people from a wide range of backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate competency in practical and scientific application of exercise principles and foundations
  • Promote professional behavior consistent with discipline, including 1) an understanding of the societal and individual importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, 2) adherence to professional ethics, 3) service to others, 4) shared responsibility and successful collaboration with peers, and 5) commitment to lifelong learning

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