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The study of philosophy begins with questions that are as personal as they are universal: What can I know? How should I live? Who am I? What am I? How am I connected to the world around me?

As a student, you are invited into a community of inquirers to reflect on fundamental questions of human existence through engaging with Philosophy’s diverse traditions and major thinkers. Philosophy students learn to think critically about the world, to call into question biases and unwarranted assumptions, and to pursue an “examined life.”

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2019 Graduation Dinner

Our annual graduation dinner was held May 16 at Southpaw.  Below are pictures of some of the faculty and students and 3 of our happy soon-to-be graduates with our chair and their glassybaby gifts.



Carry That Weight?

‘Yesterday’ imagines a world where just one person remembers the Beatles’ catalog and passes it off as his own. Does the joy those songs bring outweigh the moral issues of the lie?



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