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The study of philosophy begins with questions that are as personal as they are universal: What can I know? How should I live? Who am I? What am I? How am I connected to the world around me?

As a student, you are invited into a community of inquirers to reflect on fundamental questions of human existence through engaging with Philosophy’s diverse traditions and major thinkers. Philosophy students learn to think critically about the world, to call into question biases and unwarranted assumptions, and to pursue an “examined life.”

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Plato on Trump by Paul Kidder

What would Plato have thought about Trump?  Read Seattle University Professor Paul Kidder's article to find out.

Picture of Plato for news article



The Two Philosophers Who Cameoed in the Good Place Finale What They Made of its Ending 

Plus: Wheter Ted Danson is really as nice as everyone says.

Picture of two philosophers who appeared on the TV Show, The Good Place


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