Anthropology is both a lens and a mirror. As a lens, it brings the behaviors, beliefs and experiences of other societies into sharper focus, empowering you to better understand and assess the world's cultural diversity. As a mirror, it enables you to critically reflect upon your own society and the ways in which it has shaped you. With these tools, you are perfectly positioned to make the most of your undergraduate liberal arts education while preparing yourself with the knowledge and skills for a successful and satisfying postgraduate life.




Sociology complicates what we often take for granted, and it leads us to the root of what really matters in our world.  The “sociological imagination” helps situate our everyday realities into a context defined by history, geography, culture, and structural arrangements of power.  With it, we can interrogate our world and our lived experiences systematically and communicate more effectively about our world and our lived experiences.  Sociology, at its best, allows us to envision, create, and transform our world so that everyone is liberated.

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