Faculty and Staff

Photo of Stephen T. Chan, PhD

Stephen T. Chan, PhD

PhD, Religion

Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program

Phone: 206-296-5321

Building/Room: Casey 230-18

Photo of Rob Efird, PhD

Rob Efird, PhD

PhD, Socio-cultural Anthropology
MA, Regional Studies-East Asia

Professor, Anthropology and Sociology

Phone: 206-296-5388

Building/Room: Casey 310-09

Photo of Ming Feng

Ming Feng

Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures
Associate Professor, Asian Studies Program

Phone: 206-296-5443

Building/Room: Xavier 117

Photo of Haejeong Hazel Hahn, PhD

Haejeong Hazel Hahn, PhD

PhD, History

Department Chair, History
Professor, History
Affiliated with Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Asian Studies, and Film and Media Studies

Phone: 206-296-5449

Building/Room: Casey 410-10

Photo of Le Xuan Hy, PhD

Le Xuan Hy, PhD

PhD, Social & Personality Psychology

Associate Professor, Psychology
Director, Institute for Human Development
Director, Catholic Studies

Phone: 206-296-5395

Building/Room: HRDG 140O

Photo of Nalini Iyer, PhD

Nalini Iyer, PhD

PhD, English

Professor, English
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program
Associate Appointment, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: 206-220-8467

Building/Room: Casey 510-07

Photo of Naomi Kasumi

Naomi Kasumi

MFA, Visual Design

Professor, Design
Director, Design Program
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies.

Phone: 206-296-2282

Building/Room: Fine Arts 210

Photo of Yitan Li, PhD

Yitan Li, PhD

PhD, Politics and International Relations

Professor and Chair, Political Science; Director, Asian Studies

Phone: 206-296-2056

Building/Room: Casey 410-16

Photo of Reine Mages

Reine Mages

Administrative Assistant, International Studies, Latin American Studies
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program
Associate Appointment, SU ADVANCE

Phone: 206-296-2487

Building/Room: Casey 310

Photo of Jason Wirth, PhD

Jason Wirth, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Professor and Department Chair, Philosophy
Associate Appointment, Film Studies

Phone: 206-296-2135

Building/Room: Casey 430-03

Photo of Enyu Zhang, PhD

Enyu Zhang, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor, International Studies
Affiliated faculty and former director, Asian Studies

Phone: 206-296-2819

Building/Room: Casey 310-05