Dean's Research Fellowships

Supporting faculty and student research.

Started in July 2011, Dean's Research Fellowships support student and faculty scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences. Funding provides stipends for students and grants to faculty to work together on scholarly activities. Awards are given annually by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

This program has been made possible by funding from alumni, Arts and Sciences Leadership Council members, and donors. Learn more about how you can support this program here.

Recent Recipients and Projects


  • Dr. Hidy Basta, Clinical Associate Professor and Writing Center Director: "Multilingual and Translingual Frameworks in Asynchronous One-to-One Consultations"
  • Dr. Fade Eadeh, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department:  "How Do Threats Shape Political Beliefs?"


  • Dr. Rebecca Cobb. Master of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy: "Mental Health Therapy Online"
  • Dr. Audrey Hudgins, Matteo Ricci Institute and International Studies, "Plataforma Huaya"


  • Dr. Caitlin Ring Carlson. Communication and Media: “Today’s Public and the Public Interest: Race, Gender, and Broadcast Media Ownership in 2021”
  • Dr. Le Xuan Hy. Psychology: “Gratitude, Hope and Spirituality in Troubled Times”


  • Dr. Maureen Feit, Public Administration and Nonprofit Leadership: "Advocate and Protect: Community-Based Organizations Negotiate the Promise and Peril of Collaboration with U.S. Census 2020"
  • Dr. Eric Severson, Philosophy" "Before Ethics"