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Redhawks, get ready to soar! On Thursday, February 29, giving takes flight as the entire Seattle University community invests in the departments, programs and clubs closest to our hearts...

Redhawks, get ready to soar! On Thursday, February 29, giving takes flight as the entire Seattle University community invests in the departments, programs and clubs closest to our hearts.

Seattle U Gives dedicates 24 hours for alums, staff, faculty and friends of the university to donate to initiatives enhancing the student experience and enriching the campus community. On this one day a year, we can all unite to make a difference in the areas that mean the most.

While gifts can be made to a variety of areas and programs around campus, this year we highlight one particular fund that lends support campuswide—the SU Fund.

Aptly named, the SU Fund provides crucial funding for anything and everything Seattle University—the fund is directed to the areas most in need. From maintaining the campus’s beautiful gardens to providing integral funding for research, this fund amplifies SU’s ability to be nimble and responsive and to make an immediate impact. As an unrestricted fund, SU retains the ability to decide where to use the funding, as opposed to a restricted fund that limits the use of a gift to a designated area. 


At Seattle University, 96 percent of incoming undergraduates receive financial aid. Along with the generous scholarships already established for students with affiliation to specific colleges, departmentsand backgrounds, nearly one-third of the SU Fund annually bolsters SU’s ability to offer additional scholarships to ensure affordability for the next generation of Redhawks. As families recover from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic challenges, there is tremendous financial need from incoming students. The SU Fund plays a major role in alleviating these needs and ensuring that students can focus on school.


How could we hope to equip our students for success without investing in our faculty? The SU Fund helps provide professional development opportunities for faculty so they have the tools necessary to prepare our students to be the kinds of leaders the world so urgently needs.

Additionally, the SU Fund is one of several funds supporting the integral work of reimagining and revising SU’s curriculum through the Provost Fellows—a group of 30 faculty leaders working to review and revise the curriculum of all 75 undergraduate and graduate departments and programs. Today, Provost Fellows are creating a curriculum that employs Ignatian pedagogy and prepares students to respond to the great challenges facing our society, from sustainability and climate change to racial injustice and rapid technological change.


The SU Fund is used to equip classrooms and labs with the resources necessary to ensure student academic success. It also supports the maintenance of the beautiful outdoor spaces and recreation facilities that contribute to the well-being of the campus and community as a whole.

Our multifaceted students need different types of support to be successful, which is why The MOSAIC Center (Meaningful Opportunity for Student Access, Inclusion and Community) leverages support from the SU Fund to provide programs and resources for students of color, first-generation and undocumented students, LGBTQIA+ and veterans and military-connected students, commuter and transfers and graduate and adult learners.


By supporting the SU Fund, you contribute to ensuring that Seattle University has the resources to provide the quality, transformative student experience we are known for—preparing leaders to build a more just and humane world. 

Support the SU Fund here and view other campus initiatives that inspire you here.

Seattle University Alumni Association

February 8, 2024