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As you begin your journey to becoming a Redhawk, Orientation Programs will be here to support you along each step of the way! 

Orientation Goals

As you begin your Redhawk journey, Orientation Programs will be there to support you each step of the way! 

We focus our work around one essential question: “What do new students need to learn to be set up for a successful transition to Seattle University?” 

To answer this question, we use the following goals to guide how we support you: 

Orientation Goals 2024

Sense of Belonging  Academic Excellence Inclusion & Identity  Personal Growth  Self-Reliance 
You will create a connection with SU and build relationships with the peers, faculty and staff.  You will embrace intellectual passions and envision your path to success.  You will engage in reflection about your identities and how to build relationships across differences.   You will explore your values, sense of purpose and social responsibility.  You will learn how to navigate campus, seek support resources and sustain holistic wellbeing.  


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