Faculty and Staff

Meet the faculty and staff from Seattle University's Online Master's in School Counseling program.

Meet our Faculty and Staff

Our talented and accomplished faculty and staff are core to the Seattle University experience. What sets our faculty apart is a passion and dedication to the success of every student. From your intellectual and personal growth to leadership formation, Seattle University endows you with the knowledge, skills, connections and global perspective to become a leader of purpose.

In our classrooms, you’ll notice our small class sizes, esteemed faculty and people from a wide range of backgrounds and faiths. In our departments, you’ll have the support of talented professionals to realize your goals. Everyone contributes to a personalized, rigorous learning experience that empowers deeper learning and your ambitions at Seattle University and beyond.

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Meet Our Program Director

Meet Our Faculty

  • Carla Cheatham
    Carla Cheatham

    Assistant Clinical Professor, Online School Counseling (OSCOUN)

  • Jan Gay, PhD
    Jan Gay, PhD

    Assistant Clinical Professor, Online School Counseling (OSCOUN)

  • Mary Graham, PhD
    Mary Graham, PhD

    Professor, School Counseling (SCOUN)
    and Online School Counseling (OSCOUN)

Meet Our Staff

  • Leesa Salcedo
    Leesa Salcedo

    Senior Program Administrative Assistant
    Online Clinical Mental Health Counseling (OCMHC)
    and Online School Counseling (OSCOUN)

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Admissions Counselor

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