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About the Program

The MIT Program is a three-quarter, 60-credit, cohort program. The Program begins in mid-August and ends in late June each year. 

The MIT Program is full-time, with classes scheduled Monday-Friday. With a few exceptions, classes are scheduled from 9:00 am-3:00 pm. During the time students are in the field, schedules will vary based on the schedules of the K-12 school sites.

The MIT Program has an excellent reputation for preparing teachers. The graduate degree puts beginning teachers at a significantly higher pay scale; consequently, MIT graduates continue to earn more each year they teach. Combining certification with a master's degree in three quarters maximizes the MIT student's preparation program and provides a solid foundation for beginning teaching.

The program is small and personal. The faculty know each MIT student and place an emphasis on developing a community of learners through a cohort model. The program is team-taught and team-planned making it integrative, cohesive, and a model for effective teaching. The faculty are nationally recognized in their fields and, perhaps more importantly, recognized by classroom teachers for their contributions. MIT faculty frequently teach in K-12 schools and collaborate with teachers on curriculum, research, and scholarship.

Approximately 50% of MIT program occurs in field settings. Before the program begins, the MIT program will work to secure you a placement in an area K-12 school, that you will be in for the duration of the program, where you will be with a Mentor Teacher. Your field experience is scaffolded to allow you to develop relationships with your Mentor Teacher and students over the program, so you are prepared to seamlessly transition to your student teaching internship in Spring Quarter. Throughout Fall and Winter quarters, you will have multiple opportunities to be in the classroom and begin making connections between your coursework and your classroom.

  • Fall Quarter
    • September and October: One full field week each month
    • November and December:
      • One regular field day each week
      • One full field week each month
  • Winter Quarter
    • One regular field day each week
    • One full field week each month
  • Spring Quarter
    • Full-time internship (beginning mid-March for 13 weeks)
    • Gradual release to take over full responsibilities during internship

The program cost is updated each year and can be found here.

Scholarship information can be found here.

WEST-E/NES Endorsement Test

No, this test is not required to apply. If admitted, you will have until August 10th of your entry year to attempt this exam. Ideally, you would pass the exam before your experiences in school (i.e. field-based experiences in Blocks II and III).

If you are a native English speaker, you do not need to complete ACTFL. International students can learn more here.

Endorsement Information

Additional information about endorsements, endorsement advising and exams can be found on our Endorsement Advising and Exams page.

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