Title Banner


Title Banners include:

  • Heading (red, all caps) in a light grey text box beneath the banner image
  • Optional smaller subheading for the "parent" section on top of the heading (black, all caps)
  • Background image
    • Height of banner image can be customized
  • Color overlay (optional)
  • Two colored triangles on the top left and bottom right corners (color can be customized)

Title Banners must be used with a Landing Page or Homepage page layout, and should be created in consultation with the MarCom Web Team so that correct code can be implemented.

Available in zones:

  • Top Zone


  • Users must be added to the "Graphic Designers" permissions group in order to use this content type.

How to use it

Navigate to the section where you wish to add the Title Banner.

Make sure that this section is using a Landing Page or Homepage page layout. Click here to find out how to change your page layout

Then click "create content" and select "Title Banner."

Note: If "title banner" does not appear in your list of content, you may not be part of the "Graphic Designers" permissions group. Request permission by contacting web@seattleu.edu.

Screen shot of Title Banner content type

Required fields

  • Name
    • The text in this field is for internal, informational purposes only, and appears in the list of 'content in this section.'
  • Section Name
    • The text in this field becomes the large red title or heading in the banner.
    • This is typically the name of the section (or page) that the banner is appearing on.
  • Image for Medium-Large screens
    • This image will be shown on screens over 992 pixels wide (such as large laptops and desktop computers).
    • The recommended size for title banner images is at least 1920x700 pixels in size.
    • Need a banner photo? University Photographer Yosef Kalinko shares his photography for use in university marketing print and web materials using the Photoshelter Photography Database.
  • Overlay Color
    • Radio button field to select the brand color for the color overlay on top of the background image.
  • Triangle Color
    • Radio button field to select the color of the triangles which appear on the top left and bottom right corners of the banner.
    • You'll want to select a color that contrasts well with the overlay color.

Optional fields

  • Top Level Section
    • The text in this field will become a smaller subtitle, in black all-caps, on top of the main title.
    • This typically should be the name of the top-level or parent section.
  • Image height for Medium-Large image
    • Usually 300px–450px. If you do not specify a height, then your banner will default to being 350px.
  • Background horizontal positioning
    • This should either be left, center, or right. The default value is left. You can also specify vertical positioning in this field, such as top or bottom.
  • Custom Banner CSS
    • If you are familiar with CSS, you can use this field to add custom styling to your banner.