Event Promo

Add a Featured Event and link to all Events

How to use

  • Add a Heading
  • Select a suitable image from the Media Library for the Image.
    Recommend image is at least 768px x 566px. The image can be any size or aspect ratio, and will be cropped and resized to 768px x 566px automatically by a service called PXL. Find out how PXL crop and resize works.
  • Add the Title/Name of the Event for the Title
  • Select a section or content item for the Internal Link (ignore the Use default link text checkbox), or paste the full URL for the External URL (do not enter both)
  • Optionally select a Start Date and End Date
  • Optionally add a Start Time and End Time
  • Optionally add a Location

The link to 'All Events' the same across all Event Promo content items. It is set using navigation object ID: 964.

Content Type Details

ID: 7273
Name: Event Promo
Description: This component features 1 event and directs users to see all events.
Minimum user level: Contributor

Content Type Elements Details

NameThe Name Element80 CharactersPlain TextYes
HeadingAdd a Heading150 CharactersPlain TextYes
ImageSelect a suitable image from the Media LibraryN/AMediaYes
TitleAdd the Event Title150 CharactersPlain TextYes
Internal LinkSelect a section/content for an internal linkN/ASection/Content LinkNo
External LinkEnter URL for external link, only enter this if you are NOT entering an internal link250 CharactersPlain TextNo
Start DateSelect a Start DateN/ADateNo
End DateSelect a End DateN/ADateNo
Start TimeAdd a Start Time10 CharactersPlain TextNo
End TimeAdd a End Time10 CharactersPlain TextNo
LocationAdd a Location100 CharactersPlain TextNo


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