Box Navigation


Between 3 and 9 box links to content or sections in Zone A with icons.

Available in zones:

  • Zone A


  • Available to all content editors

When to use it

Use when you would like a more visual way of facilitating navigation.

How to use it

Font Awesome

  • First, go to Font Awesome and search for a free icon that would be related or relevant and would help illustrate the information on the page that you want to link to.

Search for a free icon on Font Awesome

  • Then click into the page about that icon and locate the code for the icon near the top of the page.
  • The code includes a style prefix (such as "fas" or "fab") along with the icon's name, prefixed with "fa-". Make a note of this icon code, as you will need to enter it into the "Box navigation" content type in TerminalFour.

How to locate the Font Awesome Icon Code


Navigate to the section where you wish to add the box navigation content item. Click "Create content" then select the "Box Navigation" content type.

How to use the Box Navigation content type

Required fields

  • Name
    • The text in this field is for internal, informational purposes only, and appears in the list of 'content in this section.'
  • Boxes Colors
    • This field is a drop down menu which allows you to select one of 11 SU brand colors:
      • SU Black (#333333)
      • SU Brown (#807060)
      • SU Dark Blue (#003282)
      • SU Dark Green (#124a12)
      • SU Emerald (#008765)
      • SU Gold (#fdb913)
      • SU Green (#55b31b)
      • SU Light Blue (#04a9c5)
      • SU Orange (#ef4135)
      • SU Red (#aa0000)
  • Box 1, 2, 3 Icon
    • In this field, enter the icon code from Font Awesome. The code includes a style prefix (such as "fas" or "fab") along with the icon's name, prefixed with "fa-".
  • Box 1, 2, 3 Link
    • This field you will select a section link or content link to link your users to another page or specific content block housed within TerminalFour.

Optional fields

  • Invert Color
    • If this checkbox is checked, then the background color of the box will be the brand color you selected and the text will be white or black depending of what color provides the highest color contrast ratio and meets legal web accessibility requirements.
  • Box 4, 5, 6 Icon
  • Box 4, 5, 6 Link

Additional things to consider

Permission and Copyright law

Do not use a "brand" icon (with prefix "fab") unless you're specifically referring to the brand.