Graduate Advising in the College of Science and Engineering

Welcome to Seattle University! We are excited to help you on your journey through your graduate program.

Academic Advising for graduate students is conducted primarily through the academic departments. Please see below for contact information for your program; once received, your inquiry will be routed to the appropriate party. Please do not contact the academic departments for non-academic advising.

Non-Academic Advising for topics like financial aid, student visa regulations, and student life is handled through various offices on campus. Please contact the appropriate office with your inquiry.

Please note that there are no teaching or research assistantships in our College.

Internships For Academic Credit

Academic Advising by Program

Certificate in Computer Science Fundamentals

Advising Contact:

  • Students may be eligible to waive certain courses through prior accredited coursework. Please prepare your course descriptions and syllabi for waiver discussions.
  • MSCS Bridge: Students begin the MSCS Bridge process in the third or fourth quarter of their program. Incoming Certificate students are not required to take any action on the Bridge process.
  • Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Advising Contact:

  • Academic advisors are assigned to new students 3-4 weeks before the start of their first quarter.
  • The fastest that the program can be completed is in 5 quarters.
  • Students are required to have the Preparatory Courses from the Course Catalog cleared by an advisor before they can register for courses. This process is typically completed automatically. If your Preparatory Courses have not been cleared, please contact
  • Enrolled students are eligible to switch to a different MSCS specialization during the program. Please note that switching may increase the time to graduation.
    • The Data Science specialization requires completion of Calculus III for admission. The Software Engineering specialization has no additional admission requirements.
  • Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Master of Science in Data Science

Advising Contact:

  • Academic advisors are assigned to new students in early September.
  • The MSDS program can be completed in 6 quarters.
  • Students interested in a part-time program should connect with the department to discuss their best course schedule.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Advising Contact:

  • The MSME Program Director, Dr. Josh Hamel, is the primary academic advisor.
  • The MSME program can be completed in 4 quarters, though most students complete it in 5-6 quarters.

Master of Science in Structural Engineering

Advising Contact:

  • The MSST Program Director, Dr. J. Paul Smith, is the primary academic advisor.
  • It takes 6 quarters to complete the Structural Engineering program.
  • Courses in this program are offered on a rotating 6-quarter schedule.
Scholarships & Financial Aid

Please see these pages for information on tuition and scholarships in the College of Science and Engineering. Please note that the College does not offer assistantships or 100% scholarships for any programs.

Please contact Student Financial Services for questions about financial aid.

Course Registration

Please log into your MySeattleU Account to view and register for classes. Please view the Academic Calendar for course registration dates.

Please note that new students must wait 24 hours for their Seattle University email address and credentials to fully activate. While credentials are activating, course registration may not be available.

ELCB Students

Students in the English Language Culture and Bridge program must work with an advisor to register for courses. Please contact for assistance.