Our Mission

  • The RoundGlass India Center builds academic, business, and cultural bridges between Seattle and India through events, collaborations with educational institutions, scholarships, and by supporting faculty scholarship on India. 
  • We are also building connections among the Indian diaspora community in greater Seattle for the purpose of creating a unified voice to advocate for social and economic change regionally and nationally. 

Our Story

The RoundGlass India Center, based at Seattle University, was founded by Professor Sital Kalantry. Prior to joining Seattle University, she was a law professor for 15 years at Cornell Law School. Frustrated by the lack of focus on India at American law schools, she founded the India Center for Law & Justice at Cornell Law School to draw attention to the comparative study of law and policy in India.

When she moved to Seattle University, she envisioned creating an interdisciplinary university center that builds bridges between diaspora communities and businesses in Seattle and India. This vision became a reality in September 2023 through the generous gift of the RoundGlass Foundation, founded by Sunny Singh, a healthcare entrepreneur and philanthropist, whose work is transforming the lives of millions of people in India.

Numerous professors at Seattle University across various colleges, including schools of business, engineering, and arts and science, conduct impact-oriented research on India that promotes social change and development in India and the United States. Along with these faculty affiliate professors, the Center is run and managed by Shannon Young, who has an extensive background in university administration.