Global Nursing Education

The Seattle University College of Nursing believes that international education contributes in a unique way to the liberal education and personal growth of its students. Experiencing another culture provides significant opportunities for students to look more critically at themselves, the work we contribute, and the society in which we live. 

All of our global programs in the College of Nursing are guided by our principles of global engagement. We aim to 

  • expand the worldview of students through intentionally-designed cultural immersion with reflection, 
  • develop mutually-beneficial partnerships,
  • form culturally-competent professionals, and 
  • provide intense pre-travel preparation.

The College of Nursing is proud to present this information about our global partnerships for education. We also provide links to other programs which would enhance professional development, reports from students and faculty in the field, and detailed information on how to propose your own education abroad experience.

Many people wonder whether education abroad is right for them and what they might expect to gain from a global experience. Research in education abroad indicates that you can expect the following powerful benefits from participation – especially on longer term programs:

  • Engagement with Social Justice – examine social justice issues at the international level
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Analytical Skills – effectively communicate across cultural differences
  • Cultural Perspective – understand a situation from the point of view of the host culture and gain an awareness of how our OWN history, culture, and society shape our views
  • A Global Perspective – understand yourself as a WORLD citizen and the interconnectedness of people, ideas and problems
  • Intellectual Growth – acquire specific skills in the field
  • Self-Reflection – explore your relationships with humanity, nature, and spirituality in the Jesuit Catholic intellectual tradition
  • Enhanced Language Proficiency – gain confidence and skills in another language while immersed in a supportive environment

How do I get started?

It is never too early to start thinking about education abroad!! For information on program types, transferring credits, and financial aid please visit the Education Abroad website: In the meantime, here are five things you should do to get started in the process:

  1. Plan Ahead – Inform your academic advisor of your goals to study abroad, even if you are still uncertain of where you want to go or when.
  2. Arm Yourself with Information – Visit the Education Abroad website to learn more about the programs available
  3. Learn the Process – Attend an info session, offered each week, in the Education Abroad Office. Call (206) 296-2226 or visit PAVL 124 to sign up.
  4. Internationalize Your Curriculum – Start taking courses in language or a region of interest. Study abroad options increase significantly for students with previous language and/or cultural knowledge.
  5. Keep an Open Mind – You can study abroad to locations on almost every continent in programs lasting from two weeks to as long as one year. Talk with an education abroad advisor to learn about opportunities that might be right for you!