Tuition and Fees

Estimated Costs for APNI to DNP Program

Program costs for the APNI to DNP pre-licensure sequence, the first 5 quarters of graduate study, are estimated for students beginning the program Summer 2022. 


Tuition Amount
$884 per credit - 67 credits during first 5 quarters  $59,228

Fees and Costs

Type of Fee Amount
Admission Deposit (one-time Year 1 fee, deposit goes toward first quarter bill) $500
Matriculation Fee (one-time Year 1 fee, non-refundable) $150
Program Specific Fee ($512/quarter) $2,048
Wellness Fee ($150/quarter) $600
Technology Fee ($182/quarter) $728
Graduate Activity Fee ($10/quarter) $40
Name Badges $25
Uniform/Lab Coat $160
Stethoscope (range from $35 to $200) $160
Notebook Computer (one time) $1,350
Smart Phone (one time) $215
Software $215
CastleBranch (one time) $80
WA Nursing License $205
CPR Cert. $50
Health Insurance $2,500
Health Physical/Immunization/Testing Requirements $350
Books (new) $1,350
Total Fees and Costs $10,726

Year 1 Total Estimated Cost: $69,954

Costs are estimated for the 2022-2023 academic year. Total program costs are subject to change. Tuition for DNP Years 1-3 is based on individual program of study.