Features and Simulation

In order to provide highly realistic training experiences, the lab is equipped with several patient simulator models and two simulation suites that mimic real clinical environments.

Two High-Fidelity Simulation Suites are fitted with patient simulator models that can run over 90 different patient scenarios using either of these clinical settings:

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - home to Baby Ryan
  • Adult Intensive Care/Critical Care Unit - home to Stan/Stannette

Seven Mid-Fidelity Manikins are used for simple simulations, case studies, teaching and evaluating basic assessment. These manikins are equipped with realistic:

  • Lung sounds
  • Heart sounds
  • Bowel tones
  • Fetal heart tones

Five Low-Fidelity Simulators and Static Manikins are used for teaching and evaluation of basic assessment and skills including:

  • Adult airway management
  • Adult and infant CPR
  • Adult and infant heart and lung sounds
  • Skills trainers
  • Central lines
  • OB/GYN