Jeff Philpott, Ph.D.

Jeff Philpott

Director, University core

PhD, Speech Communication, University of Washington

Areas of Expertise

Rhetorical Analysis, Social Protest Movements and Strategies, Speeches and Persuasion, Curriculum


Jeff Philpott has been a faculty member in the Communication Department since 1992. He has a Masters in Interpersonal Communication and a PhD in Rhetorical Theory and Criticism. His scholarly interests focus on the epistemic and sociological functions of rhetoric, particularly on the role of public narratives in shaping and transforming social knowledge and identity. 

His courses at SU have included Introduction to Rhetorical Reasoning, Persuasion, Advanced Rhetorical Theory, Advocacy and Social Change, Public Speaking  (basic and advanced), Dynamics of Communication, and Reading Television.  He has 18 years of experience as a competitive speaker/debater and as a college-level speech and debate coach and, since 1987, has maintained a small consulting practice helping engineers, architects, and business people improve their communication skills. 

Currently he is serving as the Seattle University Core Curriculum Director.