Employment or Income Verification Requests

Request Employment or Income Verification

How to Request a Verification

Effective April 2023, Seattle University has selected The Work Number® service from Equifax to help provide automated income and employment verifications.

Please visit theworknumber.com, or call The Work Number Client Service Center at 1-800-367-5690.

When searching for Seattle University, please use employer code 4591375.

How to Use the Work Number

New to The Work Number? To verify income and employment go to theworknumber.com to view the different verification services and sign up now.

Sign up as one of the following:

  1. Verify for Your Organization — Verify someone's employment, income or work history.
  2. Government Program Verification - Determine someone's eligibility for government assistance.
  3. Already have access to The Work Number Database? Visit www.theworknumber.com and login to your account.

What is The Work Number Database?

The Work Number® from Equifax is a simpler and more discreet way to help get proof of your employment and income information to credentialed companies when needed. It’s available 24/7 so that you can get the decisions you need when you need them.

Without The Work Number service, a lender, property manager or pre-employment screener could call your employer and ask to check on your employment or income. Also, many verifications happen after business hours or on weekends.