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Christie Lynk, MA

Associate Clinical Professor, Psychology
Clinical Director, Master of Arts in Psychology


Christie Lynk CV


Christie Lynk has facilitated learning and human development for 43 years through the fields of psychotherapy and education. She teaches at Seattle University and is Clinical Director in the Master of Arts in Existential Phenomenological Psychology Program. Partnering with organizations, groups and individuals, Christie offers sabbatical intensives, contemplative retreats, consultation and co-facilitates the Powers of Leadership program at the Whidbey Institute. She currently finds herself reimagining rituals and circles of belonging to hold the collective isolation, grief and trauma of our lives.

Special Interest Areas

Relational psychotherapy, therapeutic communication, clinical supervision,  rhythmicity in therapy, sabbatical restoration, and grief rituals.

Statement on the Philosophical Foundation of Psychology

We practice psychology as a relational act; seeking to make meaning as we embrace desire, grief, suffering, reconciliation, gratitude and hope. Psychology invites us to the intimate and vulnerable confession that we long to love and be loved as we bear witness to the lives of others.