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Alexandra L. Adame, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology


Alexandra Adame CV (PDF)

My undergraduate education at Mount Holyoke College is an essential cornerstone in my professional development. The women's college setting helped me to find my voice through many supportive peer and mentoring relationships. The opportunity to complete a senior honors thesis ignited my passion for qualitative research and gave me the confidence to begin a doctoral program upon graduation.

I earned my PhD in Clinical Psychology from Miami University. As a therapist in training, I practiced in various settings including community mental health, inpatient hospitals, and university counseling. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at SUNY Upstate Medical University, and then began my teaching career at Seattle University in 2010.



  • PhD in Clinical Psychology from Miami University

Courses Taught

I teach several required courses in the major such as Introduction to Psychology, Writing for Research, and Senior Seminar. I also teach a course in qualitative research where students work with archival data and present their projects each spring at the departmental research symposium. My research focuses on first-person perspectives of mental health struggles, the process of therapy, and perspectives on the meanings of recovery. Qualitative research is well-suited for studying subjective experience in a rigorous and systematic way that yields an essential evidence base for understanding human suffering and the process of healing.


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