Transportation & Commuting

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Transportation and Commuting

Seattle University promotes sustainable transportation by incentivizing alternative modes of transportation.

SU Commuter Survey

  • 1,797 or 21% of Seattle University campus members participated in the 2023 campus-wide commuting survey! The survey collected the following data for staff/faculty/students: % of total one-way trips per mode of transportation (single occupancy vehicle; single occupancy vehicle hybrid; single occupancy vehicle electric; carpool; carpool hybrid; carpool electric; motorcycle or scooter; bus; light rail; streetcar; commuter rail; ferry; bicycle; walk); average number of one-way trips per week per commuter; average number of weeks traveled per commuter; average miles per one-way trip per commuting mode. Learn more about the SU commuting survey here and download the full report.

Commuters Benefits

Commuter Collegium: "The Commuter Link"

  • The "Commuter Link" is a community and resource space for all commuter students, staffed by current SU students. The Collegium provides a welcoming "home away from home" environment that supports the day-to-day needs of the complex lives of commuter students through study space, kitchen facilities and snack system, access to campus resources, computers, books and newspapers. Learn more about the Commuter Link here.

Electric Vehicle Stations and Campus Fleet

  • The university has 10 level 2 electric vehicle recharging stations. With a valid university parking permit, the electric vehicle chargers may be used at no additional fee. Learn more about electric vehicle charging at SU here.
  • Electric vehicles make up one-third of our SU campus fleet.
  • Seattle University adopted a Green Fleet policy (2023). View policy here.