Campus Sustainability

Sustainability is a core value at Seattle University


As stated in SeattleU's Strategic Directions 2020-2025, it is SU's vision "to be a leader in environmental sustainability that is socially just, recognizing the centrality of environmental justice to our mission and values and infusing the science, economics and ethics of this issue in our programs, operation and investments."

At SeattleU, we approach sustainability as a decision making framework that treats the economy, environment, and society as a tightly interconnected system. Attention is focused on all three areas simultaneously to maintain balance and ensure decisions lead to positive economic, environmental, and societal impacts. We use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and STARS reporting tool as a framework for measuring our progress and identifying our contributions towards taking action for people, planet and prosperity.

Find out more about SU’s sustainable practices in the following areas:

This 2019 Infographic highlights Seattle University's Campus Sustainability efforts.

View the 2019 SUstainability Infographic here


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