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Theranos Whistleblower Speaks at Albers

Erika Cheung, a key whistleblower in the Theranos case that gripped the world, visited Albers on April 4th, 2024, as a guest of the Center for Business Ethics (CBE).

Ethical Leadership: Cautionary Tales from Theranos and Silicon Valley had Cheung recounting her experience at the now infamous startup. Her presentation was followed by a fireside chat with CBE head and Frank Shrontz Chair in Professional Ethics Jeffery Smith. Ethical Leadership: Cautionary Tales from Theranos and Silicon Valley graphic for Instagram

Before the event at Pigott Auditorium, Cheung did a class visit with students from two finance courses, Impact Investing and Entrepreneurial Finance. Both classes will be studying the Theranos case, focusing on questions of venture capital/startup business cultures and the role of corporate governance in fraud cases such as Theranos.

Cheung also dropped by a Leadership Executive MBA class where she led a discussion on the pressures of leadership that lead leaders astray. The discussion covered questions about the Theranos case posed to students, including whether what happened to Theranos was a matter of bad actors, a bad organizational environment, a system-wide failure, or some combination of all three.

Erika Cheung is the Executive Director of Ethics in Entrepreneurship, a non-profit organization with the mission to embed ethical questioning, culture, and systems in start-up ecosystems worldwide. She began her career working as a medical researcher in the biotechnology industry and is most famously known for being a key whistle-blower reporting the medical-diagnostic company Theranos to health regulators. 

Erika went on to help launch a technology accelerator in Hong Kong supporting early-stage technology investments across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. She continues to advise and support the development of biotechnology and healthcare initiatives across the APAC region.

Ethical Leadership: Cautionary Tales from Theranos and Silicon Valley was organized by the Center for Business Ethics with partnering sponsors Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU) and the School of Law's Technology, Innovation Law, and Ethics (TILE) program. 


PCC Community Markets CEO Krish Srinivasan to Speak at the Albers Executive Speaker Series

Join the Albers School of Business and Economics as it hosts its final guest of the 2023-24 Albers Executive Speaker Series, PCC Community Markets President and CEO Krish Srinivasan.

The Albers Executive Speaker Series Presents Krish Srinivasan, President and CEO of PCC Community Markets, on April 25, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., at Pigott AuditoriumSrinivasan's talk will take place on April 25th, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Pigott Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public. Sign up to save your seat on this registration page.

Srinivasan will be sharing his experiences leading the country’s largest cooperative retail grocer in his talk, People, Planet, and Profit: A CEO's Perspective on Leading a Food Co-op Steeped in Community and Purpose.

From his years as CFO through much of the pandemic, to taking the helm as a first-time CEO in January 2022, Srinivasan will share what it takes to be a responsible steward of an organization focused on balancing profit and its purpose to serve the Pacific Northwest community through a commitment to high quality natural and organic food.

Anchored in its vision, mission, and values, PCC is an iconic local and independent community-owned grocer with 15 stores serving the Puget Sound region (starting in 1953). The pandemic and related economic uncertainty made for choppy waters in recent years— pressures on profits in the face of rising costs and changing consumer behavior, the closure of a much-loved store in downtown Seattle, and a protracted collective bargaining process that was resolved in February 2024. PCC navigated these challenges by ensuring that all business decisions steadfastly channeled a commitment to its people, keeping the community fed, and setting the co-op up to thrive in the future.

Srinivasan grappled with the many and often conflicting priorities that come with managing a unique organization, with a non-traditional business model, during uncharted times. He looks forward to sharing his lessons learned as a CEO in the face of uncertainty, and the privilege and responsibility of leading an organization that must be robustly and sustainably profitable to deepen and widen its mission. This is what a modern co-op looks like.

Register to save your seat and ask questions of Krish Srinivasan. This event is free and open to the public.

Join Krish Srinivasan at the Albers Executive Speaker Series

Register to save your seat.

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