Meet the New RAMPsters!

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October 26, 2018


RAMP always has been instrumental in giving back to the community. We always search for ways where we can help the community, and it cannot be done without the help of our exceptional students at Seattle University’s Albers School of Business! With great classroom teachings, these students are ready to take on the world and at the same time, align their values with the classroom teaching values, the most important of them being “integrity”. The students are excited to be a part of RAMP with a full accountability of their work.

We are fortunate to have a new team of interns who wish to expand their knowledge base outside of class and develop skills that are further going to help them build their resumes. They work with the Client Account Managers on a project and are the experts in the in the field of Finance, Business Development or Marketing. These are the students who are willing to learn more about their interests in the real world. Recently, we kick started our bi-weekly meetings with the new interns, where in they come together to discuss their success and challenges and build an environment where they get an opportunity to learn from each other.

 Meet the Interns! 


Thao Nguyen | Undergraduate Candidate

Tracy is a transfer Marketing-major Junior at the Seattle University with an Associate in Business Degree. As an international student from Vietnam, she learned early about the diversity of cultures around the world and developed her strong passion for international marketing. She currently volunteers at the FriendShop in the Seattle Public Library to expose to the diverse community and enhance marketing, communication skills through various interactions with the customers. By joining RAMP as an intern, Tracy is eager to contribute to the community, learn experience from real businesses, and connect to a variety of people from different cultures.


Crystal Choi | MBA Candidate

Crystal work as an intern for RAMP. She has worked in Kotra(Korean government organization that promote international trade and investment) to promote small and medium sized company to export their products, conducting business consulting sessions, buyer matching events, national trade exhibitions. She also worked for Mrico and Hyundai and gained strong knowledge in global trades and leveraging the dynamic markets. She enjoys analyzing business procedure and developing and recommending the strategies to facilitate efficient service that satisfies the expectations and needs of customers and clients.







Tai Bui | MSF Candidate

I am working as a Finance intern for the Innovation center in Seattle University. I completed my undergraduate studies in Finance in the University of Economic of Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. Being a student in Finance major for many years, I’ve always been interested in investment field, especially the M&A section. After graduating, I will apply for a job in an investment bank or a private equity firm where I can gain experience in the M&A field.


 Karthikeyan Naidu | MSF Candidate

Karthik is a Finance Intern for RAMP. He was born and raised in India and is currently pursuing his 2nd Masters in the Albers School of Business. In the past, he has worked as a Product Executive for a Biotech firm and has actively been involved with student clubs, both in the US and India. He is currently working in the AP department at the SU Controller’s Office and is also an Albers Ambassador. Karthik wants to pursue a career in Corporate Finance and in his spare time can be found either with his guitar or volunteering at the local pet clinic.


Barna Mahapatra | MBA Candidate

Barna works as a Marketing and Communications Intern for RAMP. She is also working as Technology Services Assistant for ITS department. She completed her undergraduate studies in Information Technology in India. She has a total of 4.5yrs of experience in IT industry. She has worked as a full stack developer and then as a team leader. She has also volunteered for different non-profit organizations. Networking, Marketing,  Business Analytics are some of her areas of interest.


Shwetha Udayakumar | MBA Candidate

Shwetha has a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from India and has over three years work experience in Software Quality Assurance. She is currently pursuing her MBA and Certificate in Business Analytics at Seattle University. She is passionate about leveraging data to support business decisions.

Ferro Ginting | MSF Candidate

(not pictured)

I work as an office assistant for Disabilities Services and as a Finance & Accounting Intern for RAMP. I completed my undergraduate studies in Business Administration at University of Oregon. I grew up in Indonesia and have lived in the United States since 2012. My passion is to help people in need and hoping to continue helping others from the business side through the RAMP program.


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