BAP Shines

Posted by Joseph Phillips, Jr. on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 2:02 PM PDT

My blog has been pretty quiet this summer.  One thing that should be mentioned is the terrific performance of our Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) students at the American Accounting Association (AAA) Annual Meeting earlier this month.  As faculty advisor Sarah Bee noted, the BAP team hit for the cycle!


The Single -- Superior Chapter Award - each BAP member is required to complete 32 hours of a combination of professional and service hours.  50% of BAP chapters receive Superior Chapter status.


The Double -- Project Run with It - students apply to participate in a consulting engagement at the AAA Conference with one of three local non-profits (in this case, Anaheim, CA).  They serve on a team with three students from other universities and develop a solution over a two day period.  Each non-profit case has six teams consulting for their organization. The non-profit personnel judge the presentations of the consulting teams.  The team which included Nick Brazell from SU took first place.  (Twelve chapters out of 320 took first place.)


The Triple -- Best Practice Award - each year BAP provides three themes for best practice presentations.  Chapters create an activity or activities which support the goals of the best practice themes. One of the themes last year was the development of soft skills in accounting students.  Our BAP students put on 12 workshops which were aligned with the AICPA Core Competencies to enhance our students' soft skills.  The students competed at the regional conference against 13 schools and took first place in the region.  The students involved in this project included Jennifer Manning, Adam Reed, Michael Watson, and Zachary Johnson.  First place best practice winners at the regional level compete against first place winners from the other seven regions at the national conference.  Our chapter also took first place at the annual conference.  (Three chapters out of 320 took first place.)


The Home Run -- Gold Chapter Award - Chapters submit a video that covers the year in review and provides compelling reasons why the chapter goes above and beyond the superior chapter requirements.  Katy Long and Eric Breidenstein spent well over one hundred hours developing this video.  This was the third year in a row that our chapter received a Gold Chapter Award, which does not happen very often!  Twelve out of 320 chapters received this award in 2013.


What a great tribute to the hard work and talents of our BAP students!  Congratulations to our students and to their professors!