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Our interdisciplinary, intersectional, and international program challenges you academically, personally, and politically to actively promote social justice and social transformation. Our courses give you the expertise to deal positively and effectively with issues of gender and sexuality facing individuals and society.

CurveCon 2022

CurveCon features work by SU students on topics of women, gender, and sexualities. Students from all colleges and majors presented poetry, videos, policy proposals, academic research papers, visual art, and performance pieces. 

All zoom files for each session will be posted here soon!

Meanwhile, check out Ari Moore and Kimberly Le's "Promo for A Love Letter to the Queer Community" here, and the descriptions for each presentation below!

CurveCon 2022 Sessions

Celebrating Success 2021

Congratulations to those graduating with Departmental Honors and recipients of our 2021 student awards, scholarships, and Teacher of the Year.

Student Awards

WGST Departmental Honors

The Honors Theses are available at ScholarWorks

Photo of Kelly Curtis in front of a red door
Kelly Curtis

  • Majors: Political Science; Minors: Non-Profit Administration and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 
  • Thesis: Collective Responsibility in American Rape Culture Infrastructure: An “Edifice of Trust” Built on White Patriarchy, Misogyny, and Violent Masculinity. 
  • Mentors: Dr. Theresa Earenfight (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies), Dr. Mark Cohan (Sociology)

Ariana Siddiqui Dennis sitting at the Bay
Ariana Siddiqui Dennis

  • Majors: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with Departmental Honors; International Studies with University Honors; Minor: Philosophy
  • Thesis: Pushing Against Patriarchy: Indonesian Women Using Islam as a Form of Resistance. 
  • Mentors: Dr. Theresa Earenfight (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies), Dr. Hazel Hahn (History), Dr. Maria Tedesco (Theology and Religious Studies)

Photo of Natalie Rhan
Natalie Rahn

  • Majors: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with Departmental Honors; Political Science
  • Thesis: Funding Abortion as Facilitating It: The Complicity Argument in Religious Right Legal Efforts to Control Reproductive Choice in the United States. 
  • Mentors: Dr. Daniel Dombrowski (Philosophy), Dr. Eric Olsen (Political Science), Dr. Theresa Earenfight (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
  • Susan L. Secker Award, Highest GPA

Kristin Leigh Roach Scholarship

Photo of Katlyn Kailiuli
Katlyn Kailiuli

  • Hometown, Roseburg, OR. 
  • My passion for my WGST minor stems from my interest to be the most inclusive educator possible. I am excited to see the pathways it will take in my career. day-to-day basis, I am excited to see the pathways it lets me take in my career. 

Photo of Eva RodriguezEva Rodriguez

  • Hometown: Kenmore, WA. 
  • Major, Psychology and Minor in WGST. 
  • My goal is to pursue a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy counseling with a focus on LGBTQ+ relationships.


Photo of Mackenzie Sollars with fairy wingsMackenzie Sollars

  • Hometown: Tacoma, WA.
  • I seek to improve the quality of life of people with feminine energy around the world by using my knowledge to empower them and help them love every aspect of themselves.


Susan L. Secker Award

Awarded to Students with Highest GPA

  • Natalie Rahn

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