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Our interdisciplinary, intersectional, and international program challenges you academically, personally, and politically to actively promote social justice and social transformation. Our courses give you the expertise to deal positively and effectively with issues of gender and sexuality facing individuals and society.

Our New Name Better Represents All of Us

Women and Gender Studies is now Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies LogoThis has been a long time coming, following three key milestones.

  • 1992: We inaugurated the minor in Women Studies
  • 2006: We began the major in Women & Gender Studies
  • 2019: We expanded the program to include the minor in LGBTQ Studies minor

This new name reflects values we already demonstrate every day, and much remains the same:

  • our vibrant faculty whose work continually breaks down barriers and paves new pathways to understanding gender and sexuality
  • thought-provoking courses that challenge you to think about gender-based modes of oppression and liberation, and
  • the type of student whose concerns and aspirations inspire us all to take our work beyond the classroom in ways that matter to us personally and to society as a whole.

Celebrating Success 2020

Congratulations to those graduating with Departmental Honors and recipients of our 2020 student awards, scholarships, and Teacher of the Year.

Student Awards

Natalie Castillo
Natalie Castillo

  • Majors: Women and Gender Studies and Criminal Justice.
  • Department Honors presentation, with Dr. Trisha King-Stargel: "They Have Names, Too: A Case Study on the First Five Victims of the Green River Killer: Examining the Construction of Society and Its Creation of Victim Availability.”


Leah Dooley
Leah Dooley

  • Majors: Women and Gender Studies with Departmental Honors, English Literature; Intellectual Traditions Honors Program.
  • Department Honors presentation, with Dr. Allison Meyer: "‘Tis Pity She’s a Man: Cross-Cast Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest."
  • Susan L. Secker Award, Highest GPA

Falen Wilkes

  • Majors: Women and Gender Studies with Departmental Honors, Philosophy, History with Departmental Honors. Minor: English.
  • Department Honors presentation, with Dr. Tom Taylor: "Constructions of Prostitution in Berlin, 1914–45: Lessons in Understanding Sex Work, Legalization, and Decriminalization."
  • Susan L. Secker Award, Highest GPA

Teacher of the Year, Student Executive Council

Jen Schulz, PhD

  • Senior Instructor, English; Senior Instructor, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies; Associated Appointment, Psychology



Kristin Leigh Roach Scholarship

  • Audrey Akots
  • Kelly Curtis
  • Katlyn Kailiuii

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