While classroom input is inherent in educational programs at Seattle University, the professional application of academic theory gives students experiences that will add to their personal and professional maturity. The internship is a requirement for all students majoring in Kinesiology (KINE).

The internship experience provides the student with the opportunity to ask pertinent questions, make observations, and to participate in organization activities. All internship experiences must be undertaken in an agency that guarantees to provide the student with supervision by a certified professional possessing appropriate credentials, depending on the student’s interest.


Internships are performed during the Senior year of study with the following requirements:

  1. Attendance of KINE Internship Orientation: one per quarter will be offered
  2. Complete resume, cover letter, and interview session with the Career Engagement Office
  3. Attend Kinesiology Internship Fair for Juniors
  4. Submit top preferences for site and quarter
  5. Register for KINE 4950: Senior Internship

How to Register for Internships

It is not possible to register for internships via SU Online. Instead, you must submit a form to be approved and signed by Kinesiology Internship Coordinator. Once all your paperwork is completed you must submit it to the department to be processed. Consult Canvas Internship page for the registration forms. 

Please contact Internship Coordinator Doug Berninger for more information.

Please read through the A&S Student Internship Handbook and the Completed Internship Form Sample  before registering for an internship.

For more information about internships and preparing for one visit the College of Arts & Sciences Student Internship Webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through the Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more about internships.

Contact Us

Doug Berninger
Internship Coordinator