Behavioral Health Impacts of COVID-19

Behavioral Health Impacts of COVID-19

Photo of Dr. Kira MausethCOVID-19 affects all of us in our daily lives in some ways that we may not recognize. This presentation addresses the specifics about where we are on a larger scale with our Behavioral Health responses in the context of this natural disaster across the state, and how our brains and bodies function accordingly in this phase of disaster response and recovery.

Dr. Mauseth discusses common responses, symptoms, and challenges over the next few months that we will be facing, and what you can do to prevent burnout and increase resilience factors. Specific ideas are  provided about how to communicate and interact more effectively with others at home and in the workplace, in the context of COVID-19 and increase our own sense of strength and resilience.

About the speaker

Dr. Kira Mauseth is a clinical psychologist who sees patients at Snohomish Psychology Associates, teaches as a Senior Instructor at Seattle University, and serves as co-lead for the Behavioral Health Strike Team for the WA State Department of Health.

Her work and research interests focus on resilience and recovery from trauma as well as well as disaster behavioral health. She has worked abroad with survivors, refugees, and relief workers and in the US with first responders and health care workers. Dr. Mauseth also conducts trainings on disaster preparedness and resilience building.

Kira Mauseth, PhD

October 1, 2020