Professor Davis Reference Letter Checklist

1. Professor Davis’s Eligibility Checklist for a Letter of Recommendation

You meet the following requirements for a letter of recommendation:

Requirement #1

You have taken two or more courses with Professor Davis


You have taken one course with Professor Davis and know her in some other capacity (as an advisee or through extracurricular activities on or off campus)

Requirement #2

  • You have received an A or A- in courses with Professor Davis
  • Your overall GPA is a 3.3 or above
  • Your GPA in the major is a 3.3 or above

If you do not meet all of the requirements above, and believe you still have earned a letter of recommendation, please feel free to discuss these circumstances in person. 

2. Professor Davis’s Procedures for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

My deadlines: I write letters of recommendation on the first Friday of every month. That means that if you contact me to write a letter on March 5th, for example, for a deadline of March 20th, I will be unable to write the letter.

Step 1: Contact me in person or via email to request a letter of recommendation. Explain how you fulfill the eligibility requirements listed above.

Step 2: Email me the following documents:

  • Draft personal statement (or equivalent) for your application
  • Unofficial transcript
  • A sample of your best work (from one of my classes).
  • Your résumé or CV. For assistance, visit our Career Development Center.
  • A complete list of schools or organizations to which you are applying, along with due dates and mode of application (for example, by printed letter, electronic application).
  • A signed and dated Reference Letter Request.
  •  Any other information that will help me write a great letter!