Winter 2018 Newsletter


Morgan Family Endowed Scholarship

Matteo Ricci students and faculty are deeply grateful to SU Humanities Alum
Michael A. Morgan ’82, who recently made a leadership gift to Matteo Ricci and
created the Morgan Family Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship, which will
be awarded for the first time in Fall 2018, will provide support for a full-time
student in the Matteo Ricci program who has demonstrated financial need.
Michael established The Morgan Family Endowed Scholarship in memory of his
family and their commitment to education. Michael earned his Bachelor’s
degree in Humanities from Seattle University in 1982. Michael's father, Edward
L. Morgan (Ed) believed strongly in the difference that education makes in a
person's life. Ed started his higher education at the University of Washington,
then withdrew from college to pursue a successful career in business. He
encouraged Michael to pursue higher education, and later returned himself to
complete his degree at Seattle University. As an older, non-traditional student,
Ed graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration-Finance in
1983. Michael's mother, Ann Morgan, was self-educated. Her interests
included health and fitness, personal finance, and travel. Michael’s sister,
Marianne, received Master’s Degrees in European History and Comparative
Religious Studies and taught at Portland Community College. With this
scholarship, the Morgan family continues to invest in today’s youth.

2018 Distinguished Faculty Award

This year's Distinguished Faculty Award winner is none other than our very own Dr. David Madsen! 


Congratulations to Professor David Madsen, PhD, for receiving SU's Distinguished Faculty Award this
year. Dr. Madsen graduated from Seattle University in 1969 with a degree in Latin and Greek. He
returned to Seattle U, this time as an assistant professor of Humanities at
Matteo Ricci, in 1981. Dr. Madsen has been involved in the University Honors Program, both teaching and directing, and is a member of the History Department. He has acted as the Grand Marshall at commencement for the past 18 years.
Dr. Serena Cosgrove '85, said of Dr. Madsen, "Every day that I teach I hope that I'm able to do for my
students what he did for me decades ago.” Dr. Madsen and the otherAnnual Alumni Award recipients will
be celebrated at a dinner on May 4.

Faculty Immersion Curriculum Event

(Photo by Alvin Sturdivant)

Matteo Ricci College faculty members met over the summer to design a revised
MRC Core (the courses taken in common by students majoring in Humanities,
Humanities for Teaching, and Humanities for Leadership). One goal of the
proposed new MRC Core is to integrate courses thematically and to incorporate
community engagement in a culturally sensitive way. In this photo, MRC
faculty and administrators (Audrey Hudgins, Paulette Kidder, Emily Lieb,
Becky McNamara, Jimmy McCarty, and Dan Washburn) join other SU faculty
and staff in an immersion conducted by the Center for Community
Engagement: "Reversing the School-to-Prison Pipeline," December 13-15, 2017.

Fall Quarter Internship Reflection

This past quarter, senior Robin Lustig completed her Humanities for Leadership internship at a local law firm in downtown Seattle. Hear about her experiences below:

My name is Robin Lustig, a graduating senior in the Humanities for Leadership
degree. I specialize in Pre-Law and Strategic Communications. I have been
working as a legal assistant at a family law firm in downtown Seattle for three
years now. When it came time for me to select my senior year fall internship, I
decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take on a new, unique project
responsibility at my job. I spent my internship creating a database of all of the
final court orders for divorces in King County. For my project, I recorded every
demographic detail of each party in an attempt to track potential biases of the
court. I learned two key lessons during my internship: friendships in the
workplace can be incredibly valuable, and not to be afraid to ask for projects
outside of your scope of work.


Congrats to our Ethics Bowl Team!


For the first time, a Seattle University Ethics Bowl team qualified for the
Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl National Championship, which took place at the
Palmer House Hilton in Chicago on March 3-4. The team, led by Dr. Benjamin
Howe of MRC, ended up placing 12th overall out of the 36 teams that competed,
placing higher than schools such as the United States Naval Academy and
Stanford University. Santa Clara University won the entire competition, and the
Seattle U team was glad to see another West Coast, Jesuit university take the
2018 Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl title. Congratulations to Dr. Howe and to
Garrett Solberg, Hana Stodder, John Gavin, Samantha Fisher, Serena Oduro,
and MRC students Caroline Lambert and Gavin Pandya!

This quarter, we welcome two new faculty and staff members. Please join us in welcoming them warmly!


Claudia Castro Luna, Washington                              Christina Juarez has joined Matteo Ricci                                    State Poet Laureate, joined the                                    as Senior Administrative Assistant. Christina                                 faculty of Matteo Ricci in Winter                                   is an SU Alum (Sociology '09). She brings                               Quarter 2018. Prof. Castro Luna is                               administrative experience to MRC and she has served                       teaching HUMT 1510 (Composition,                              the community through organiziations such as                             Language, and the Arts) for the firstyear                       Real Change, AmeriCorps, VISTA, and Mary's Place.                    students in Humanities and                                                                                                                                Humanities for Teaching. Her publications                                                                                                                        include This City,
(Floating Bridge Press, 2016), "The
Stars Remain" in the anthology This
Is The Place: Women Writing About
Home (Seal Press, 2017), and Killing
Marias: A Poem for Multiple Voices
(Two Sylvias Press, 2017).