Spring 2017 Newsletter

Congratulations to Our Seniors!

Congratulations to all MRC graduates! Special congratulations to Jessica
Fabroa and Maggie Dunphy. Jessica Fabroa is the recipient of the Matteo Ricci
College Service and Leadership Award. The award is earned by the graduate
who has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities in service to the
college. Maggie Dunphy is the recipient of the Matteo Ricci College Award for
Excellence in Humanities, earned by the graduate with the highest grade point
average. Congratulations to these two outstanding graduates. Both awards will
be listed in the program at Commencement.

Fulbright Scholars

This spring, we recognize one graduating senior who has received a Fulbright Scholarship, which are given to conduct a year of research or teach English in a foreign country. We also recognize one senior who was considered as a semi-finalist for the award:

Congratulations to Anna Pickett, who will graduate in June with majors in
Humanities for Leadership and Spanish. Anna received the prestigious
Fulbright grant to Nicaragua to study disability rights in Nicaraguan Policy.
During her time at Seattle University, Anna had the opportunity to visit
Nicaragua multiple times. She has carried out research there and done an
internship. She used her experiences and network of contacts to build a strong
case for why she is the perfect researcher to investigate the gap between
policy and implementation in Nicaragua about the rights of folks with
disabilities. Nicaragua has a number of great laws in place, but few resources
are assigned to implement them. Anna’s research will bring attention to this
gap and support the efforts of organizations trying to make change happen.
The Fulbright award is recognition of leadership, smarts, and cross-cultural
competencies. Anna is a natural ambassador and will surely generate
important data and conclusions about increased respect of the rights of people
with disabilities in Nicaragua.

Congratulations to senior, Remington Purnell, who will be graduating with a degree
in Humanities for Leadership and was a Fulbright semi-finalist. While studying
for her Humanities in Leadership degree with a focus on International
Politics, Remi developed an interest in linguistics, particularly northern
European languages. Remi applied for an English Teaching Assistantship to
Latvia. She is also planning to pursue graduate studies in Applied Linguistics,
Language Preservation, or Natural Language Processing. The fact that she
was semi-finalist indicates that the screening committee for Fulbright in the
U.S. found her application to be very strong.


Sue Naef Scholars

Congratulations to our 2017 - 2018 Naef Scholars in MRC:

  • Desi Caswell (BAHL 2018)
  • Taneum Fotheringill (BAHT 2018)
  • Shelby Hackney (BAHT 2020)
  • Kelton Murphy (BAHL 2018)
  • Emi Wheeless (BAHL 2019)

These students other students who have benefitted from the estate of Sue M. Naef. The Naef Scholarship provides support, financially and educationally, for undergraduate students of Seattle University who have shown exceptional
intellectual skill and leadership potential.


Ethics Bowl

This past spring, the Seattle U Ethics Bowl team placedfourth in the 2017 Independent Colleges of Washington Competition! MRC students Jon Cantalini and Taneum Fotheringill are on the team, which is coached by Dr. Ben Howe.


Student Abroad Blog

This blog post was written by MRC 4th year, Alita Campbell, for EKARI
Foundation’s website while she was completing her international internship. In
this article, she explores the dangers of voluntourism and the potential harmful
impacts it has on developing countries.

The Dangers of Voluntourism

"The two main reasons people travel are for work or for pleasure, yet there are
times those two intentions overlap. Having the opportunity to enjoy tourist
activities when traveling for a work assignment is a blessing, but there are
times in which this convergence of purposes actually creates harm in
international communities, specifically when it involves volunteer work in
developing countries..."

Read more here

Spring 2017 Plenary Session

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in Campion Ballroom on May 8th to engage in
discussion about the Humanities with five expert panelists. SAC representatives,
April Rhodes and Nic Garcia, helped arrange the event, and the panelists
were Andrew Gomez (University of Puget Sound), Rebecca Park-Hearn, Rosa
Joshi, Daniel Washburn, and Serena Cosgrove.






Dr. Michael Matriotti received his
Th.D. in Philosophy of Religion in
1984 from the Graduate Theological
Union, Berkeley, California. Since
1997, Dr. Matriotti has taught
numerous courses in the College
and in the Philosophy Core,
including courses in Poverty in
America, Philosophy of the Person,
and Sociocultural Transformations.
An early adopter of service learning
in the university, he co-led the
College's education abroad program
in France. He was appointed as
Associate Dean of MRC in 2011 and
served in that capacity until 2016.



Professor Nancy Bush has been
with the Matteo Ricci College for
eleven years. She was the first
Program Coordinator for the
Bachelor of Arts in Humanities for
Teaching degree. Previously, she
earned her B.A. in Education from
the University of Washington and
taught in Seattle Public Schools for
thirty years at Franklin High School.
She is the co-author of the
Washington State Recruiting Future
Teachers curriculum. Professor
Bushhas taught the "Introduction to
Tutoring" courses for the Matteo
Ricci College.


Dr. Wilson Edward Reed received
his Ph.D. in Political Science from
Northern Arizona University. Since
1998, he has taught in Matteo Ricci
College, the College of Arts and
Sciences, and the University Core,
including courses in Poverty in
America and Police in Society. He is
the author of The Politics of
Community Policing: The Case of
Seattle (Routledge, 1999). Dr. Reed
has performed extensive
professional service to the
community and the university, most
recently as a member of the search
committee for the Seattle University