Fall 2017 Newsletter

WELCOME, FIRST YEAR STUDENTS! The Matteo Ricci College community welcomed the Class of 2021 into the Humanities and Humanities for Teaching programs. Eight Humanities Majors and 17 Humanities for Teaching Majors joined the college. Four students are athletes for Division 1 sports. Our class of 2021 comes from across the nation, including the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Illinois, and Missouri. Five members of the BAHT cohort will be specializing in Elementary Education and are eligible to apply for a teaching certificate with their undergraduate degree. Other students are interested in digital design, computer science, psychology, social work, music theory, journalism, Spanish, special education, art history, English, history, and mathematics.

Foster Scholarship Recipient


Congratulations to this year's Foster Scholarship recipient, Robin Olson! Robin is in her second year at Seattle University. Currently working towards a BA in Humanities and a BS in Psychology, Robin hopes to eventually obtain her PhD and work as a clinical psychologist. The Foster Scholarship carries on the legacy of Rev. John F. Foster, SJ, longtime faculty member in MRC. Robin would like to thank the generous donors who are contributing to her education and future through this award.


Study Abroad: Jeff Vinison

This summer, Jeff vinision (Leadership '18) Interned in Trinidad and Tobago. Read his reflections below!

"After 12 weeks in Trinidad and Tobago, I have reflected and found the three main reasons
why my internship proved to be so fruitful. Following a couple of weeks abroad, I found
that each day needed three main components: a persistent curiosity, welcoming genuine,
kind people, and a positive attitude. A persistent curiosity is listed first because a drive to
seek out the “whys” and “hows” in life experiences can make them feel much more vivid
and ripe with excitement. The second attribute to my positive experience is to seek out
genuine, kind, and considerate people. Vigilance is important at all times but safe mistakes
are the best way to learn. Lastly, a positive attitude cannot be kept up at all times but with a
healthy level of curiosity and support from friends, it is much easier to be positive and give
yourself the energy to keep curious, meet new people, and explore mentally and physically.
Commitment to being curious, welcoming the abundance of good-hearted kind people in
Trinidad and Tobago to be a part of my experience, and keeping a positive attitude
produced what ended up being an extremely worthwhile experience."

Fall Plenary Session



Our Quarterly Plenary provides a space for MRC
students, faculty, and staff to come together and
discuss contemporary issues at both the societal
and institutional level. On November 15th, in
Campion Ballroom, we gathered to learn about
racial equity from a structural transformational
lens. Patricia Carrasco Lally, Director of the City
of Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights, joined us to
examine White Privilege, its impact on people of
color and what it means to become a strategic ally
for equity and justice.

Student Advisory Committee

The MRC Student Advisory Committee brings a student voice to important
decisions made in the College. Last year, the SAC advised the dean and
associate dean on matters that included the budget, curricular revisions, and
the proposed merger of MRC with the College of Arts and Sciences. SAC
members organized the Spring Quarter Plenary on the Future of the
Humanities. This year's members are: Nakiya Baker, Jon Cantalini, Jonathan
Choe, Mirella Galang, Nic Garcia, Alex Jurado, Daria Karraby, April Rhodes,
Jasmine Waland, and Sophia Xiques.

Dr. Lieb Investigates "Access to Opportunity"



Dr. Emily Lieb is an investigator for a multi-site grant project being conducted out of the Bedrosian Center at the University of Southern California. Its purpose is to ask, "What can communities actually do to increase the likelihood that Americans have real access to opportunity?" The study focuses on "what works in lives of low-income families as told by data and the gracious individuals participating in our studies."

Find out more here.

Ethics Bowl Update

Congratulations to MRC's Dr. Ben
Howe and the Ethics Bowl team for
taking first place at this year's Regional
Ethics Bowl competition. The team,
students Samantha Fisher, John R.
Gavin, Caroline Lambert (Humanities),
Gavin Pandya, Serena Oduro, Garrett
Solberg, and Hana Stodder, won five
out of its five matches and advanced to
the national competition, which will be
held in Chicago in March, 2018.

Matteo Ricci Students on the Radio

Karsten Kohout and Jonathan Choe are a part of Seattle University's Student
Radio, KXSU. The radio station, formerly known as KSUB, provides Seattle
University students with an outlet for creation, discussion, and rad beats.
Read below to learn how Karsten and Jonathan are involved.

Listen Live Here

Karsten KohoutJonathan Choe

"KXSU has been amazing since I've
been at Seattle U. Every Friday at 2
I run a live DJ mix of the newest
releases in the bass music
community, including some classics
in the mix. It's a lot of fun and I look
forward to it each week.
Additionally I became a part of
SMAB which determines the 30
songs on power rotation each week.
Lastly, our awesome station
manager Randy Scott got me
started with a job as producer for a
podcast series the Theology and
Religious Studies Department is
putting on, which has been great to
be a part of so far."

"I am a DJ at KXSU Student radio.
Every Sunday I host a one hour talk
and music show. I like to talk about
what’s going on in the world, in the
community at SU, and even things
that have been going on in my life.
In between I like to play music,
mostly classical music and 70’s or
80’s rock. Sometimes I try to fit the
mood of the pieces to how I am
feeling or for certain events that
may be going on. At other times, if
the next DJ shows up before my
show ends I invite her in to talk for a
couple of minutes before I sign off.
Overall, I love to talk and play
music on the radio and wonder who
might be listening and is enjoying
what they hear!”




This fall, we extend best wishes to several departing members of the MRC community.

This summer, Beth Layton announced she would be leaving her role as the
college's Program Coordinator and Director of Advising. A dedicated adviser,
Beth assisted hundreds of students to find their educational paths. We wish her
the best for her future endeavors.

Fran Henderson, Administrative Coordinator and Budget Manager for MRC,
will be retiring from Seattle University at the end of 2017. Fran has worked at
SU for 20 years (14 years in Student Financial Services and 6 years in MRC).
Fran has been the welcoming face of MRC, and behind the scenes she has
worked tirelessly on behalf of students. We are grateful for her presence in our
lives and we wish her much joy in her new adventures.

Matteo Ricci College bids farewell to Prof. Carol Kelly, who has taught full time
in the College since 2006. Professor Kelly taught courses in the Arts and
Humanities and was one of the first faculty members in MRC to develop hybrid
and online courses. She led students on memorable trips to New York and
France. We wish her the very best in her next ventures.