I chose to pursue an IDLS/EDLS degree because I didn't feel like I would fit into a tunnel-visioned disciplinary education program. IDLS with an Elementary Ed specialization teaches a versatile set of skills that can be applied to any situation while also preparing future teachers with the knowledge required to work in education….The interdisciplinary skills learned can be directly applied to the education portion of this degree which creates a future teacher who is well-rounded and able to find unique approaches to teaching elementary students.

Sara Marsicano | Junior Transfer, 2020

I chose to pursue the IDLS program with a specialization in education because I value the unique skill of being able to view issues through the lens of multiple disciplines. This will help me to become a well-rounded and confident educator…. Even though I'm only a freshman, I see the potential this program has to prepare me for my career.

Mackenzie Aizaga | 2022

With an Elementary Ed degree, I will be well equipped to help my students in a variety of situations with my knowledge of multiple disciplines…. There is a full team of educators, advisors, and professors who want you to succeed. Each one of us are important to them and you can tell!

Courtney Gelmini | 2022

The most valuable aspect for me has been the field experience at a nearby elementary school, which gave me the opportunity to apply my learning from lectures and projects in a real classroom setting.

Laura Smith | 2020